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Zhifeng JiangMrs. Loew10th Core EnglishMay 26, 2017Self-Driving Cars”The light bulb did not replace the candle. It replaced going to bed early. The motor car did not replace the horse.

 It replaced staying at home. Every major innovation has primary consequences and secondary consequences” (Destination Innovation). The innovation whether or not benefit to the society will depend on the consequences that it would bring to the society.

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Self-driving cars are the most intense invention in the past years; they are expected to lead the world and move into a New Era. Self-Driving Cars would benefit society by improving safety, better for environment, and an economic plus.Firstly, self-driving cars will be helpful to improve the traffic on the road. According to an organization Association for Safe International Road Travel, they had calculated the annual Global Road Statistics and showed that, “Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year which on average 3,287 per day; an additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled” (ASIRT). This statistics are showing that auto accidents are becoming worse all around the world and we need to solve this problem as fast as possible. The self-driving cars will be one of the best solution for this problem.

Troy Wolverton, an American journalist and the personal technology columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, he concludes, “More than 90 percent of all traffic accidents in the United States can be chalked up to driver error, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Although manufacturers are still perfecting the technology, self-driving cars are expected to be much, much safer than human drivers” (Wolverton). Most of auto accidents were caused by driver error, so in order to reduce the auto accidents we need better drivers which self-driving cars would be perfect fit for this job because they were programing to obey the law. Troy Wolverton also added, “Another near-term benefit of self-driving cars could be less congestion and smoother traffic flow. Thanks to their sensors and quick reaction times, automated cars will potentially be able to drive closer together than human-piloted cars, experts say” (Wolverton).

Bad traffic is one of the factors that increases the rate of auto accident, however, self-driving cars also can improve a smoother traffic then people can get to their destination safer and faster. With those awesome effects that self-driving cars would make on the road, it definitely would reduce the rate of auto accidents.In addition, self-driving car also can be effective to the environment by their perfect technology which creates less pollution.

Ian Andrew, co-founder of a Greener Ideal program that concern on Environment had acknowledged, “Most of the driverless vehicles being driven today are already fully electric, but even so, unless your car’s battery charge is powered entirely by clean energy, you’re still indirectly contributing to emissions”(Andrew). Self-driving can even adopt by electric transmission, therefore it would reduce the percentage of fuel use and reduce the air pollution from the cars. Moreover, Andrew also pointed out, “Autonomous cars use significantly less gas and energy when driving, most gas burned when driving at high speeds, braking, and re-accelerating excessively. Self-driving vehicles cut these factors out of their driving style, meaning less gas is burned, or battery power consumed, resulting in less air pollution” (Andrew). Since self-driving cars could create a smoother traffic and drive up to 90 MPH safely, so the self-driving cars could decrease the frequencies of stop and go to save the fuel or energy. As self-driving car can save high percentage of fuel and energy, which mean it can use less fuel or energy to run longer distances, in other hand it also reduce the air pollution which could lead to help solving the current problem of climate change.Nothing is prefect in the world; there would be some unintended consequences lead by self-driving cars.

Self-driving car will lead to a big issue of losing jobs, Losing their jobs does not sound good to the drivers. As the self-driving technology grow stronger, it would definitely replace most of the drivers’ job. However, self-driving cars can be an economic plus. According to Danielle Muoio, a researcher primarily focus on self-driving auto tech for business insider, she showed, “Cutting the high labor cost associated with having people transport goods across the country will lower the cost of some goods” (Muoio). As the companies do not have to pay high wage for the goods transportation, it really would lower goods’ price all around the world so people could save money for other use. In addition, Muoio added, “It is true that this will displace unskilled labor at some point. But we do seem to find more things for people to do. This is an old problem that been happened throughout history” (Muoio).

People like to discover many new jobs for themselves like the game player, which is a popular job right now for many teenagers. Therefore, it would be true that many new jobs follow up with self-driving car, like “self-driving cars moderator” which can protect or manage the system of self-driving. One more good news to people is that they do not need to pay monthly bill for their auto insurance as the self-driving technology upgrading every day, and it would save a huge amount of money annually. Is this a good trade for the self-driving cars?In conclusion, autonomous cars may have small side effects, but they still would be good to society.

Self-driving cars are the solution for the world issue of auto accidents; Self-driving cars can save the fuel and energy use to reduce the air pollution; Self-driving cars will displace the drivers’ jobs to other brand new jobs and decrease the households’ bill pay annually. Technology is developing every single day in a fast pace, which self-driving car is one of the example. Not only self-driving car going to release, there are more robotic technologies will release in follow years, so there would be more jobs going to replace. What will robotic technologies bring to the world?Works CitedAndrew, Ian. “The Environmental Benefits of Driverless Cars.” Greener Ideal.

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