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Zharef Reza outline Point of View: First PersonList of Characters: Maggie Johnson, Dee (Wangero Leewanika Kemango), Asalamalakim, Mama Johnson (Narrator)Protagonist: Mom Dynamic character: Mom, Maggie Briefly explain how the dynamic character changes:At first, the mom is passive, and lets Dee take whatever she wants. Then she stands up for Maggie, and refuses to give the quilts to Dee. Maggie changes her view on her sister, in the past she was scared of Dee, but now she is not.

Enemy : Dee Other character: Dee, Dee’s boyfriend, MaggieRound character(s): Mom, Dee, Maggie, Dee’s BoyfriendBriefly discuss the different aspects of the round characters life that we see:Mom: has two kids, not witty, bad singer, does hard farm work, poor, not educatedMaggie: lets Dee control her, poor, got burned by her previous house falling down, can quilt, is youngest sister, not educatedDee: meany head, rich, selfish, started out poor, oldest sister, educatedBriefly explain the conflict: Dee believes that her family doesn’t understand their heritage. When she was younger, she didn’t like that they were uneducated.themeThe difficulty of being thankful for ones heritage, and familyPlot: Exposition: Description of the house, and family Inciting Event: Introduction to Dee Rising Action (list at least three events):1. Dee takes pictures of Mom, Maggie, house, and cow2. They sit down to eat, and Dee takes the churn top to use as a centerpiece3. She then takes the Dasher too4. Dee asks (more like demands) to take two quilts that were made by Maggie, and her grandma.

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They are made out of pieces of their families clothing, and are all hand stitched. 5. Maggie leaves the kitchen, and slams the door6. Their mother suggests that Dee take a few of the other ones7. Dee refuses, and says that she wants those because they are hand stitched8. Maggie says that it is alright, she can have them Climax: Their mother grabs the quilts out of Dee’s hands, and gives them to MaggieFalling Action: (list as many events as you can)1. Dee kisses Maggie, and tells her to make a person out of herself Resolution: Dee left, Maggie, and Mamma hang out and enjoy the daySummary: Write a brief summary of the story. The story begins in the South during the 1960’s.

It takes place in Maggie, and her mother’s home. When Dee, Maggie’s older sister, comes to visit with her boyfriend the family learns that she has changed her name to Wangero because she did not want to be named by white people anymore. Maggie is obviously afraid, or distrustful of her older sister because when she arrives Maggie hides behind her Mom. They all sit down to dinner, where Dee takes the churn top, and the dasher to decorate her house. Then, after dinner, Dee rifles through Maggie’s trunk to find two old quilts done by their grandma.

She requests to have the quilts, but when her mother says that she should take different ones, Dee insists that they had to be these ones. Maggie is very upset about this because that was her reminder of her grandmother, and her heritage. At this point, their mother finally stands up for Maggie, and grabs the quilts out of Dee’s hands, and places them into Maggie’s lap. Dee, flabbergasted, goes out to the car, and leaves.


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