Zachary any understanding or relations to the

Zachary Viarengo
Ms. Peterson
Per. 4 English Essay

A generation gap is the “differences of outlook or opinion between people of different generations.” A culture gap is the differences between two cultures that prevents any understanding or relations to the culture. These two elements happen a lot in the books like Two Kinds and Daughter of Invention. You see elements of generation and cultural gap in both of the short stories.
One of the culture gaps in Two Kinds is communication. June and Suyuan suffer from a communication gap where June speaks more english and some of broken chinese because her mother speaks a bit of broken english and more of chinese. The mother, Suyuan, has trouble speaking english so she speaks chinese. This results in the mother having broken english and the child, June, speaking english more fluently and speaking fractured chinese. This is the culture gap between the mother and the child. The mother grew up speaking chinese while the kid moved to America where people speak english and she’s raised somewhere that speaks english and not chinese unlike where the mother grew up resulting in the culture gap and struggle of communication between them.
One generation example in Daughter of Invention is

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