Youth homelessness can be found anywhere in Canada ranging from the ages of 13-24 years old

Youth homelessness can be found anywhere in Canada ranging from the ages of 13-24 years old. Many homeless youth come from low-income families or dysfunctional families and it is an issue that seems to be a challenge across numerous countries worldwide. Within Canada, there is an increasing rate of many people being homeless and it is not specifically limited to one group of people (Currie, Greaves, Golden, & Latimer, 1999, p. 17). There are many groups of people affected by this such as immigrants, refugees and those whom are born Canadians. Homelessness is one of the many pressing issues that is connected to the poor health of individuals. In the past, some things that researchers look at to explain the health of the population, are the biological or genetic predispositions of the population. Over the past years, many studies have shown how life experiences and social-economical status has an impact on individual’s health. In the studies of the social determinant of health, factors that many health researchers agree upon is the impact on an individual’s life come from issues dealing with income and social economic status. Within the past years, there have been many pieces of evidence about how income affects individual health and there are still many more being affected within today society, linking many people whom are facing homelessness. Personal social-economic status is important due to those who are considered as upper class that are usually more health than people in the low class. Individuals within the low class are usually people who fall into the category of being homeless due being unable to afford life necessities that would keep them health, thus falling into illness or disease that causes many of them to have a low life expectancy.
Purpose of this Essay
The purpose of this essay is to address the inequality that many street youths face within the Canadian health care realm. Some of the outlines that are being present in the stronger policy objectives that look at the barriers to the health problems that many homeless youths are facing. This paper will look at both the strengths and weaknesses of policies and the chance of the policy being implemented within the health care system of Canada. Some the thing that will be exploring is are that statement of researchers in developing any final policies and its effect on of the health of homeless youths. This paper will also highlight the action that is needed for long-lasting effective. Within Canada, the number of people homeless is constant growth, due to this, there needs to be an action for reducing the growing people being homeless and action that will improve health. In the paper, some of the topics that will present will not only the policy sector but from the other sectors as well.

Affect of living on Street
The living conditions of the youth on the street are both severe and unsafe due to many things that they have to face such violent crimes, sexual assaults, extreme weather conditions and unsanitary living areas, as well as the dangers of assault that they face every day while living on the street. It also has an effect on their health, which is usually worse than an average individual. The Homelessness action plans for Toronto (1990) explain some of the risks that many street youths face which are at a higher risk on infectious disease, premature death, acute illness,

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