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your house got negative energyyour friends are negativethat’s why you ain’t happycuz everything around you as a directreflection of who you are God sends usbold signs and wonders tells us tochange our environment in oursurroundingswe can reach the ultimate level of beingblessed get rid of things peoplesituations relationships friendshipssurroundingsdeciding that you love yourself enoughto no longer walk in the direction ofHeyif you keep being a victim if you keepletting losing happen to you if you keepletting people do you and treat you anykind of way it’s gonna become a cultureit’s necessary that you get the energytrainers out of your life people whodon’t want anythingpeople are not striving people are notchallenging themselves people who aren’tgrowing people who stop dreaming it’snecessary that you align yourself withpeople and attract people into yourbusiness who are hungry people who areunstoppable and unreasonable people whoare refusing to leave life just as it isbut you run around with loseyou will end up a loser it’s necessarythat you get the losers out of your lifeif you want to live your dreamif you want to go from average tophenomenal you got to start hangingaround for nominal people so what I didwas from the people around me my mentorsEddie Murphy Chris Rock pride er uh whoare all on the wall all in walls yeahall of them so you surround yourselfwith somewhere I surround myself with aconstant reminder of who is greatconstantly I come down these steps everyday I look at Richard oh he’s great Isee Eddie he was great I see Chris Rockhe was great it’s a constant reminderwhat am I trying to achieve I want to begreat so that motivates meso what Satan separates me is my drivemy drive is other people’s success


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