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YOUR CHOICE, YOUR FUTURE Have you ever think about your future? About you and the things that would happen in the future? There are so many questions and thoughts that will come to our mind when we hear the word ‘future’ and there are so many feedbacks about it. Your choice is your future. If you choose to be in a work field and you pursue, then I think, you will have a better future. What if you don’t have any work? What do you think your future would look like? A standby mode, Right? The choice is your future; you’re the one who will decide if you want to make it better or not.

Who would not want to have a better future, of course no one. In fact, everyone wants to have a better future but that would not happen if you just sit there and do nothing. We know that unemployment is one of the biggest problems in our country, but what are the reasons of being unemployed? Why they don’t have any job? And why do they neglect of being like that? Those are the questions that we should know so that we would be aware from it.In the Philippines, there are so many jobless people so as in other country. According to Yomi Kazeem (2017), “Nigeria’s struggle to create jobs is getting worse.

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By Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) pegs the unemployment rate at 14.2 percent in the last quarter of 2016, up from 13.9 percent in the preceding quarter that the unemployment rate in Nigeria has increased. The government has tried to boost employment, mainly by threatening businesses that cuts jobs as well as trying to find job for those who are laid off. Same as local banks with possible withdrawal of their licenses for sacking workers”.According to Kimberly Amadeo (2018), “there are seven causes of unemployment.

First is Voluntary, in here, some unemployment quit their jobs but they have saved enough money until they find the right opportunity. Second is when workers move for unrelated reasons, this is where the people are unemployed until they find in their new place or town. Third is when workers enter the work force. These are students who graduated from high school, college or any higher degree. They look a job that suits their new skills and qualifications. This is the main reason of youth unemployment.

Fourth is when job seekers re-enter the work force. These people went through a period of time in their lives when they stopped looking for work. They could stop working to raise their children and so on. The four causes of unemployment are under the Frictional unemployment. It is where an employee leaved their jobs to find a better one. This is the usually voluntary or short-term. Fifth is an advance in technologies. This is where the computers or robots steps in.

instead of the people the computer or robots are using to make things fast. Six is job outsourcing. This is where a company moves its manufacturing or call centers to another country. Those two causes/reasons of unemployment are under Structural unemployment, where a workers or employees skill does not match to the jobs available. The last one is when there are fewer jobs than the applicants. The technical term is demand-deficient unemployment. If the company is forced to pay a higher salary, then have to let the other workers go.

This last cause/reason is under the cyclical unemployment”. In other words, even if they’re graduated or not, don’t have a job because of their chosen profession, the large amount of applicants than the jobs available, and the advances of technologies.Here in the Philippines, there are so many standbys or jobless people. They are staying at home even though they are graduated from colleges.

For example, your course is nursing and the in-demand job is education graduate, then the result of it is, you will end up staying at home or maybe you will have a work that’s not suit your skills, so in the end, you will leave that job because that’s not your profession, that’s not your specialization. We are living in the modern world today and we should know the changes that would happen, we should perceive what would be our future. If you want to have a better future, you should start making it better. I remember my senior high school days, I have friends and we were talking about the course or field that we want and most of them want to take accountancy because they said it gives a big salary.

I agreed with them. But I asked myself “would I become successful?” of course not, because it’s not my passion, so I decided to follow what I really want, to follow my passion. Therefore, I chose what I really want and of course I chose the in-demand course when I graduated so that I could find a better job.

Your choice is your future. If you choose the right profession and an in-demand job, for sure you could find a better job/work. Your future is not in your mind or thoughts, it’s in your actions and right decisions, it’s in your own hands. You’re the one who will control it, you’re the one who will choose what you want. As a future teacher, I encourage you to choose the right field for your own skills and qualifications.

I encourage you to follow your passion and not what the other are saying about the best for you because you’re the one who knows the things that will make you happy. So I say, chin up, never give up, and let’s start a new beginning. Let’s choose the right thing for us to have a better future.


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