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Young sex offender has become an major issue both in the USA and the South Africa. This is an important and interesting issue to me because I’m always concern about our present generation and their behavior. I’m evenly excited to know why young offenders are being involved in sexual crimes. Though juveniles are committed sexual offense but it’s possible to figure out how to change conduct with specific treatment. It is really hard, and frequently difficult to change these conducts effectively without the assistance and support of an expert who is knowledgeable about sex abuse particular treatment. Treatment does not offer acquittal or reason oppressive acts, nor is it planned to rebuff or embarrass members. A focal point of treatment is to enable a person to make a superior and sound life for him/herself by building up their qualities while overseeing risk. Indeed, as opposed to prevalent thinking, there is a developing assortment of logical proof that sexual guilty party treatment decreases the hazard for future oppressive conduct. What’s more, when mediations are offered to teenagers and youth with sexual conduct issues, the probability of further oppressive conduct can be drastically diminished, or even dispensed with.
As a health professional it is important for me to know about the issue “Treatment of young sex offenders in the US and South Africa” because they are more prone to the health issues and the diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases. Due to multiple partners and poverty state, they are unable to maintain the hygiene as well as they did not get proper treatment for health issues. A sexually transmitted disease is the most common among them and to make sure about the treatment and health, it is major area of concern. Another reason it is important for health care professional to know about the topic because by having sound knowledge in the healthcare industry, a person can maintain his/her identity and be recognized by his/her supervisors for better growth in their career.
Sexual offences are often controversial. The person who commits a sexual crime is trend as sexual offender. There are many reasons behind this violence like : family structure and background,


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