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You will not be allowed to work in Antarctica unless you have wisdom teeth and an appendix removed. Since there are no operations in Antarctica, it is customary to minimize the risks of sudden inflammation. In 1961, the Soviet physician Leonid Rogozov made an operation to remove the appendix.

25 unknown facts about Antarctica
Antarctica is the driest continent on the planet. The driest place in Antarctica is the valleys near McMurdo Bay. The area of ??about 8000 km, not covered by ice, has not seen rain for more than 2 million years.

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Antarctica has its own first-level domain – .aq. It can be obtained only by a state organization that is relevant to any country that signed the Antarctic Treaty in 1959. The domain is issued for a period of 2 years.

53 million years ago palm trees grew on the coasts of the Antarctic, and in the interior of the continent the average temperature was about 20 ºC. This time period scientists call the “Eocene hotbed”: a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere led to a greenhouse effect.

The Metallica band performed the song Freeze `Em All in Antarctica, a cover of their own song Kill` ??Em All. Thus, the group became the only collective performing on all continents of the globe.

In Antarctica there was a nuclear reactor. He was stationed at McMurdo Station, owned by the United States. In 1972, cracks appeared in the reactor shell, and it was stopped. After that, it was decided not to develop the nuclear industry in the Antarctic.

Technically Antarctica is located in all time zones of the planet, as it is located at the South Pole. The only exception is the Amundsen-Scott station, which is the time of New Zealand.

In the Antarctic there is a fire station. He is at McMurdo Station, and there are real firemen.

The lowest temperature on Earth was recorded at Vostok station on July 21, 1983. It was -89.2 ºC.

In Antarctica, only two kinds of flowers grow: the Antarctic meadow and the whale whale. But there are about 100 species of mosses and 200 species of lichens.

25 unknown facts about Antarctica
Antarctica is the fifth largest continent. Its area is 14 million kilometers square.

Polar bears do not live in the Antarctic. There are no vast fields of floating sea ice with polynyas, and they could not get their food.

14.99% of the surface of Antarctica is covered with ice. The largest glacier is the Ross Ice Shelf, covering an area of ??472,960 square kilometers.

25 unknown facts about Antarctica
There is a bar in Antarctica. It is located at the Ukrainian station “Academician Vernadsky” and is considered the most inaccessible bar in the world.

The average thickness of the ice layer in Antarctica is 1.6 kilometers. 70% of the world’s drinking water is concentrated in the Antarctic.

The Transantarctic mountains divide the continent into the western and eastern parts. They stretched for 3,500 kilometers and are one of the longest mountain chains in the world.

The existence of Antarctica was unknown until 1820.

The Norwegian researcher Roald Amundsen was the first person whose foot stepped on the surface of Antarctica. He outstripped the explorer of the North Robert Falkon Scott and on December 14, 1911, he installed the Norwegian flag.

In 1959, after secret negotiations, 12 countries signed an agreement on the peaceful status of Antarctica. To date, the participating countries are already 48.

January 20, 1979 in Antarctica was born the first child – Emilio Marcos Palma. This was part of the idea of ??Argentina to claim rights to the territory of Antarctica. The government of the country sent a pregnant woman specifically for this purpose.

There is a river in Antarctica. It’s called Onyx. Two months a year the river flows east along the Dry Valley to Lake Wanda, and its length is 40 kilometers.

In Antarctica, scientists from the United States and Argentina discovered a new species of herbivorous dinosaur that lived on Earth 190 million years ago.

On the territory of Antarctica there is the Bloody Falls. The water in it contains ferrous iron, which, when in contact with oxygen, is painted reddish brown. Iron produces bacteria that live in an ice lake.

25 unknown facts about Antarctica
The diet of workers at Antarctic scientific stations includes beer.

Near the Strait of Lemaire is a mountainous area with two peaks, which are called “Una’s Breasts” in honor of the woman who was part of the expedition that worked on this territory.


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