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You should always celebrate the diversity of the people you support. As there are many reasons people act the way they do, by working with an individual to create their care plan you can build up a comprehensive knowledge of the individual and make a record of the person’s assessed needs, wishes and preferences. This should be adapted and updated throughout the individuals care and treatment, with consent from the individual. If a person feels ownership of their care plan and the person centred decision making that created it; they feel confident in the care delivery. We used to have an individual with in our care setting who lacked capacity, so their family wanted to make a best interest decision for the individual to have bumpers on their bed for safety reasons but it was making the service user incredibly distressed, they weren’t sleeping well and it was also effecting our other service users therapeutic environment. We then spent some time speaking with the individual and their family member finding out what the cause of the problem was and the service user told us that during the war a bomb exploded and she was buried alive within a house she was staying in and the bumpers on the bed reminded her of that entrapment. So they went about altering her care plan so that she didn’t’ have to have the bumpers and put a crash mat and a sensor mat in place so that if the individual did indeed fall out of bed that individual would be in relative safety. The change in approach allowed for a much more therapeutic environment for all service users. So it is incredibly important to know an individual’s history, choices, preferences and requirements this allows for a holistic approach for the individuals we support.


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