YG and 1TYM, due to the fact

YG entertainment is a South Korean company that was established in 1996. The company is constructed of a record label, music production, talent agency, management and concert production, and a music publishing house. They are also have fashion and cosmetic brands such as Moonshot, the cosmetic brand and Nona9on, their fashion brand, they also have other products as well such as phone cases, popsockets, etc… YG is home for the best kpop groups in South Korea, as in Big Bang, 2NE1, BlackPink, Winner, Ikon, and the famous person who created Gangnam style PSY and other idols.

The entertainment was founded in 1996 by a first generation previous kpop idol Yang Hyunsuk and along with his younger brother Yang Minsuk.They named the entertainment YG because of Hyunsuk nickname “Yoon Goon.” In the beginning of the company they had a few failures in the industry, such as Keep six, Jinusean, and 1TYM, due to the fact that they lacked to attract popularity. By that time they focused on their trannies, and they debuted their first successful boy kpop group “Big Bang” in 2006. Only consisting on 5 members, they are the main idols that broke the boundaries for this entertainment popularity. In the following years after their first successful group, they debuted their second/first successful girl group 2NE1 in 2009. And the famous Gangnam style by Psy that broke the music boundaries, holding the record for the ‘most music video searched’ on youtube, causing the record label to shoot through the roof and YG pricing went up 60% and making profits over 50% for YG Entertainment. They were more groups added to their “YG Family”

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Yg Entertainment has their own fashion line, merchandise, and a cosmetic and skincare. The fashion line is called NONA9ON, they sell the latest fashion, that their current idols wear. As in their cosmetics and the skincare, it is called Moonshot. Moonshot has the cosmetics that they use on their idols and some of the idols personal skin care as well. The merchandise can be found online stores and in some very few stores. The products can be found in Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many more countries around the world.

The audience that is attracted to YG Entertainment is usually kpop fans. The people that buy the products are fans that want to be like their bais from their favorite group


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