the desire of a more

Yes! There is hope! Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson was shot! I should concede, the desire of a more liberated future for us, slaves, just rose in my mind, however; only for a short amount of time. In despairing, I recently understood that the south will win due to a misfire of one of Stonewall Jackson’s troops accidently shooting him in one of his limbs. In view of the agreeable fire, Jackson will get his arm amputated. This is devastating. We have lost everything, including hope.

Life turns into a disgrace and demise. We have reached the end of our ropes, now what do we do? Tie a knot at the end of it and just hang there, or imagine there is more rope and simply move from that point? It’s a hard choice. I’m sick of working for sluggish, selfish light skinned folk. They think just because we are “different”, we should work against our will. Everybody is different.

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They are different. The only reason our skin is darker, is because our native country is closer the equator and we require darker skin ensure our bodies. This isn’t right! God did not create us to want to die or make us feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable!


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