Years others countries, but it is not.

Years ago my parents and my teachers told me “the education you receive now in school will help you grow in values and knowledge, and to be an integrated person able to adapt the society”.

Because if you try hard now, you will contribute to the world and improve it with any profession that you choose, because what is well built from the beginning, will help you in the future. The countries have the obligation of improve and contribute in education, because of this depending them future as a country and that must be the first aspect that they should consider because is the fundamental pillar of all. So, I wonder: What are nations doing to improve and what challenges have existed in the XXI century about education? Probably you think that education we received is similar like in others countries, but it is not. Let´s focus in America, especially in Canada and The United States, the countries according studies have the best system education, where Canada invests more money  in education and in the academic level of them students,  maintaining good standards of quality in the moment that the students finish the school, considering to be the country with a good educational system, but we don´t leave behind the United States, which ia focused totally in education and in the life-long training of students, who according to them are the future of work and they have to do the better system, because it helps individual leadership and the professional success, therefore The United States is the first world power.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    But, what methods are using each one to have a good educational system? We will approach and talk about three aspects; the methodology, the access (including the three education levels) and the educational environment.

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