www.brecksville.oh.us after him. The mayor manages day to


brecksville.oh.us 2.  The Address of city hall is 9069 Brecksville Road, Brecksville, Ohio 441413.

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The mayor of Brecksville is Jerry N. Hruby.Mayor Hruby has been a living in Brecksville his whole life.

He went to college at Kent State University. Mayor Hruby married 47 years ago. His wife’s name is Patricia, but she goes by the name of Pat. He started as a police officer. He has had a total of eight, four year terms. He has also worked for my grandfather for a period in the 70’s. Mayor Hruby’s hobbies include acting and bonsai tree gardening.

Mayor Hruby was very close to his brother, Jack. The brecksville Recreation Center Natatorium is named after him. The mayor manages day to day operations and long term planning. Mayor Hruby gives the “State of the City” address every year. The mayor is in charge of enforcing the laws and also signs permits and licenses.The mayor is the executive branch.

He is the leader of the city. He looks over all operations of the city on a day to day basis. The local executive branch’s job is to enforce laws.Mayor Hruby’s number- call City Hall (440)526-4351, you can make an appointment through his secretary to see him. You can contact him through email or the city website also. 4. a.

) – Gregory Skaljac (President )                 – Michael Harwood (Vice-President, Pro-Tempore)                 – Gerald F. Broski (Member)                 – Louis N. Carouse, Jr. (Member)                 – Nora Murphy (Member)                 – Laura Redinger (Member)                 – Kim Veras (Member)B. At-Large C. printedD. – Nora Murphy -Legislation                 – Laura Redinger – Finance                 – Kim Veras – Safety-Service                 – Michael Harwood – Buildings & Grounds                 – Gerald F. Broski – Streets and Sidewalks                 – Louis N.

Carouse, Jr. – Finance & Buildings and GroundsE. The meeting are held the first and third Tuesday of every month at 8 pm. The city council office is open 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday. F. The city council adopts resolutions, ordinances, and policies. They also establish goals and help performance of city issues.

Council members legislate for the city and appoint administrative personnel.G. The city council represents the legislative branch. The legislative branches duties are to make ordinances and change the existing ordinances. Also, they make and approve budgets.H.

The minutes in a city council meeting are what actually took place in the meeting. The first order of business was the 2017 PEER Awards. Bonnie Logo won the Brecksville Way Award. The Salute to Bravery award goes to Ken Septaric and the Pursuit of Value Award goes to Marc Bender. Those were a few of the awards given out at the meeting. Mayor Hruby and Council President Skaljac thanked the award winners.

Multiple ordinances and resolutions were also passed.Ways to contact city council members is easy. You can come to any council meeting and talk to them before or after the meeting. Or, you can find them on the city hall website where their numbers and emails are posted. 5. The city of Brecksville provides many services for its residents.

There is a Brecksville Pantry. It is ran by the Human Services Center and they distribute food once a month to families who are in need. Also there are snow removal services. The city also picks up garbage and has an excellent recycling service. They offer outdoor movies in the summertime.

Brecksville service department also provides leaf collection in the fall and storm damage service. 6. The legislative process in the local level is pretty close to the same compared to the legislative process in the federal level. A problem or ordinance is stated by the council, the council then votes on the topic. The mayor can veto and the council is in charge of the legislative process. The mayor is part of the executive branch and the council is part of the legislative. The council checks the mayor to make sure everything is going just right. There is a quorum that has to be met when there is a voting on each topic.

7. The Director of the Recreation Department is Tom Tupa. The recreation department is for the residents of brecksville.

The residents can use everything their such as a weight room, basketball court, track, swimming pool, therapy pool, and much more. The next department I looked at was the police department. The city was ranked #81 on the safest cities in the US. They uphold the constitution of the United States and they also keep our city safe. Our police protect our residence from crime. Being a Brecksville resident you know how hands on they are.

I always see police when I’m driving and especially in my school. The last department I looked at was the Horticulture department. The staff is Charles Owen, Bryan Holt, and Jim kasmarcak. The Beautification Committee meets every 1st Thursday of each month at 6:45 p.m.

Also, there is a community garden that is open to residents. It is deer free and is located where the old basketball courts were at 6925 Stadium Drive. Even though all plots have been sold, you can be put on a waiting list to get your own plot as soon as possible.


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