This Program allows you to

Write “This Program allows you to play the classic game of War, It requires two players” Begin Main Module Variable Module Input Module Output Module End Main Module Variable Module Declare PlayerOne as an Integer Declare PlayerTwo as an Integer Declare NumOne as an Integer Declare NumTwo as an Integer Set PlayerOne=0 Set PlayerTwo=0 End Variable Module Input Module While (PlayerOne >=10 And PlayerTwo >=10) Set NumOne = Floor(Random*13) + 1 Set NumTwo = Floor(Random*13) + 1 Write “Player One has ” + NumOne Write “Player Two has ” + NumTwo If Num1 > Num2 Then Set PlayerOne = PlayerOne + 1 End if If NumOne < NumTwo Set PlayerTwo = PlayerTwo + 1 End If Write “Player One’s score is ” + PlayerOne Write “Player Twos score is ” + PlayerTwo End While If PlayerOne = 10 Then Write ” Player One you won 10 games of War,You beat Player Two.” End If If PlayerTwo= 10 Then Write “Player Two you won 10 games of War,You beat Player One.” End If


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