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Would you mind to stand up, please and stretch your body a bit? You might start from your neck, then your arms and back, and in the end your legs. Are you feeling stretched enough? Then you can sit down comfortably on this chair. What will happen now is natural, safe and normal.

I will just guide you to utilise your own ability to relax and drift into a deep state of relaxation. It is important for you to follow my instructions. Obviously you could resist them but then you will probably not reach the deep state of the relaxation and that is not why you want me to do that on you, is it? Ok.

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Are you ready? Let’s begin.Now it’s time to make yourself as comfortable as possible. You can wiggle about a bit, adjust your position to make yourself perfectly comfortable. I will count from 5 to 1 and during that process we’ll begin the relaxation. 5, You might to take a long deep breath just now and listen to my voice. It will help you to relax. Breath out … and breath in…My voice is warm and calming. It flows slowly and helps you to relax.

Breathe in … and out….4, Very soon, perhaps now you may like to close your eyes and focus your breathing. Can you feel the air flowing in and out of your lungs? Good. Breathe in … and out….It’s fresh and sweet. Let yourself taste the air and feel it coming deeply in and after a while out. 3, You may allow yourself forget about everything and just listen to my voice. Nothing is important now.

You might see my voice relaxes you further and further. Breathe in … and out…. Breathe in … and out….2As the pace of breathing becomes slower and the breaths become deeper you might enjoy the pleasant wave of relaxation. Can you feel the deep and unhurried breathing calming you down now? Good, Breathe in … and out…. I can see you are enjoying it and that’s good. That’s what we need.

1, As you concentrate on breathing all the noises surrounding you except my voice become unimportant. Even if you can hear them they are completely irrelevant. That’s fine. The only thing important now is that you enjoy that state of relaxation. It is good to be relaxed.

Now you could be aware of the rhythm of your body. Inhale and exhale. You relax deeper and deeper. You might think about relaxing all the muscles in your body. It is happening now. This is a special time for you. The right time to put aside all your thoughts and problems. There is no tension as that’s the time for wonderful relaxation of your body and mind.

You are just restful and still. Breathe in … and out…. There is no need to think about anybody or anything. It is just your time for feeling peaceful and fine. Breathe in … and out…. Breathe in … and out….

All you need to do is just to relax.Now I am going to draw your attention to various parts of your body and when I do that you might relax every muscle and nerve in that part of your body. Why not to make this relaxation even more pleasant and profound. You could start from the top of your head. The sensation of calmness and relaxation flows down your scalp. The gentle wave reaches your eyes. It’s so nice to stay relax. Breathe in and out.

All the muscles around your eyes become relaxed and calm. When you are ready you can relax your temples. You might feel the sensation as your temples have been massaged gently. Slow, pleasant waves of tranquillity relax them completely. The soothing feeling radiates to all the muscles around and moves slowly to your jaw.

You may follow the pace you want. In your own way and in your own time you are ridding of any tension. You can allow your teeth part a bit and relax all the muscles of your face. You might breathe in deeply and feel the gentle air travels to your lungs. Now exhale …and inhale deeply again. The exhaled air takes all the anxiety away from your body and leaves just the sensation of calmness and relaxation.

I can see you are experiencing mild wave of relaxation travelling down. Soon, perhaps now it reaches your neck. It’s warm and pleasantly soft. All the muscles of your neck become relaxed and relaxed more deeply, so your head feels heavier and heavier as it rests on the back of the chair. Very good. Now you may like to sense the soothing feeling filter through your shoulders. It makes you feel just warm enough to feel comfortable and cosy. Your could enjoy the sensation of your arms completely stress free and relaxed.

Can you feel the soothing sensation releasing effortlessly all the tension in your arms? They feel undisturbed, relaxed and heavy. I can see they are so relaxed that you do not want to move them. The tranquillity can travel down your arms now. You can feel it reaches your fingernails and relaxes all the muscles and nerves of your palms. Let yourself enjoy the sensation and let it bring you to another level of the relaxation.

You might let the soothing power spreads trough your chest now touching every cell of your body. When you are ready it can travel to your back. Let tranquillity to seize all your nerves, bones and muscles. You may let go completely and be more relaxed than ever before. All your muscles feel comfortable. Whatever you feel now is fine, safe and enjoyable so if you want you can drift into deeper and deeper relaxation.

Inhale deeply again and when you exhale you can feel the muscles of your stomach relax. It makes you feel even more comfortable. With another breaths the sensation of warmth and relaxation may spread to your hips. Breathe in… and out… When you are ready you could let it go down the legs and knees through the calves and feet to your toes. At the moment all your body and mind are perfectly relaxed.

Just the perfect state of pleasant safety and relaxation. You can feel it in every part of you. You might enjoy a short time of silence… a few moments you can use to settle down deeper into that peaceful state you are now. Just to become even more relaxed and more comfortable. And when I speak to you in a few moments again you could feel even safer and more secure, ready to go deeper to another level of that state of relaxation.It is pleasant, isn’t it? You can continue to drift down into that pleasant state even deeper. And as you continue to drift deeper you might begin to see the door to your special place. They are just three steps from you.

Can you see the colour of it? The shape? You may come to the door and enter. With each step your state of relaxation becomes twice deeper. First step – Doubling your relaxation Second step – your gentle breathing relaxes you deeper with every breathThird step – All the way down into total relaxationYou can reach to the handle, open the door and enter. Now you are on the calm empty seaside. You can enjoy the atmosphere with all of your senses. It is your perfect place and it looks like enchanting paradise.

The sun is high but it is not hot. Just pleasantly warm. You can feel the sunbeams gently warming your skin and light breeze softly touching your hair . It is so enjoyable.

The sea is jewel blue. It’s calm and when you look at it the calmness falls over you as well. Seagulls are flying over the water playfully and you can hear their screams from the distance. Their voices are barely audible. You may take a look at the sky and be amazed that the colour of it is not very different from the sea – bright and turquoise.

There is a large rattan beach chair standing not far from you. You might sit on it if you want. The chair is just a dozen metres away and the sand is pleasantly warm so you may approach it through the sand barefoot if you wish. You can reach it easily and rest there sheltered from anybody’s eyes. Anyway the beach is empty. The sand is a bit wet. It pleasantly rubs your heels.

You may sit on the chair, stretch your legs and enjoy the gentle breeze blowing off the grains of sand from your toes. The new sound attracts your attention. There are few young seals playing nearby in the sea. They chase each other and squeak joyfully. You may smile as the view is amusing. The sound of the sea soothes you. You might touch the backrest of the chair.

It is firm and pleasantly smooth. Dark rattan wood became a bit warmer because of the sun but it is really nice to sit in the shade of it and watch the gentle waves teasing with the shore. They wash the seaweed and shells up on the beach and immediately take them back. Then they bring even more in and take it back again… and again… and again… Steadily. The repetitive dance of the sea and the land is so peaceful and comforting. You might doze off but the fresh air keeps you awake.

You can smell the salt in the air and actually you could even taste a trace of it on your lips. The sound of the sea calms you and looking at the bright horizon thinking of nothing is the most soothing experience ever. The little waves in the distance are like white creases on a vast bale of blue velvet and their rhythm mesmerises you. Can you feel the pulse of the sea? So calming… everlasting…There is a line of palm trees on your left. They dip their heads with the breeze and look like dancing in the rhythm of the sea. You might breathe in the air from their direction.

It smells something nice and exotic but you cannot tell exactly as the scent is so gentle. Whatever it is the smell makes you feel special. So peaceful and calm.

You might let yourself to enjoy that moment of happiness, safety and relaxation for a while. Listen to the sea, listen to the breeze and relax.In a few moments, when you are ready you will come back to complete awareness. You will feel rested and relaxed. You will be fully aware but your body and mind will remain refreshed and calm. I will count from 1 to 5 and exactly when I reach 5 you will open your eyes and become completely aware.


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