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Would you like to clone your pet for you could have him longer? Is it really worth the risks though? Cloning is said not to be safe and very inefficient. There is a lot of risk and most likely the animal would be killed in the process. The numbers just aren’t on your side when you are cloning. Over many years of researching about 95% of cloning attempts fail and the animal ends up dying. Cloning is a terrible thing to do to innocent humans and animals. Another thing that makes cloning look bad is that it would get rid of a that animals or person’s uniqueness because they would be more of them which would devalue their lives since there is already another. Geneticsandsociety.org even says that having clones would get rid of their freedom and individuality and make them less unique compared to the rest of the society they would live in. Furthermore, if cloning the animal that animal would most likely have very unique health problems and defects which would make it hard the animal to live because of the problems and defects and it would probably die. Endanimalcloning.org even said that a lot of times clones have deformed bodys when they are produced. Sure, some people may say that cloning extinct animals to bring them back is ok which is fine like the wooly mammoth for example, but when you clone live animals that is just messed up. When you clone a live animal you are putting that animals life on the line and if it doesn’t work that animal will be dead and you would be responsible for that animals death. There is no excuse for what you did you took that risk knowing what could possibly happen to that innocent animal. To conclude, Cloning is a thing that should not be done until scientists will be able to find a way to make cloning safer and not putting the animal in danger. But as of right now cloning is a very bad and terrible thing to do to living things. So after this do you think it would be ok to clone your pet for it to live longer? I don’t think so.


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