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With this in mind, most people question what actually motivated women to finally come out of the dark. The Civil Rights movement was the major element that triggered women to stand and defend their dignity as a worthy citizen just like any men in society. The climate the Civil Rights Movement created at the time was an environment of protest in which Black people where defending their rights and in this movement some women even played a significant role as Linda stated in her article, “Women who worked in those movements often found that they were not treated equally, even within liberal or radical groups that claimed to fight for freedom and equality.

” The results of this movement was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that protected Black people from any kind of discrimination in the United States, therefore this was a reason for women to question why African Americans being a minority group could almost get total respect by the whites and women couldn’t get respected by men. Therefore this movement empowered some women’s mind to think about what was happening in their lives to eventually get to a conclusion of how powerful was male supremacy in society which gave them a motive to begin another movement to destroy injustice among the United States. Furthermore, a book known as the “Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedman, which is going to be discuss later, was also a relevant element that helped women advocate their movement.

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