with with the conservation of moisture, improved microclimate,

with the use of plastic mulches (up to 24 to 65 %) compared to bare soil.

The increase in yield of mulched plots was probably associated with the conservation of moisture, improved microclimate, both beneath and above the soil surface, light reflection and great weed control, especially in silver-black plastic mulch (Rajablariani et al. 2012).Pulses are the most important constituent of human diet and among pulses chickpea is third most important food legume grown globally which contains 20 to 25% proteins as against 8 to 15% in cereals. Pulses are not only of economic value in providing grains, green pods for human and fodder for animal consumption but are also of immense significance as rotational crop in restoring and enriching soil fertility by fixing atmospheric nitrogen through root nodules. (Pulses status in India 2016).

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