With towards them. (3) With the given case

With the company participating in a combative industry, the management grew too competitive as well that established objectives that if not met, could result to the manager’s demotion. Since the managers were put under pressure, it lead them to committing heinous acts in several instances which are: 1 certain plant locations felt the need to reduce quality control to a level that could not ensure that all unsafe products would be rejected, and 2 sales personnel were encouraged to use questionable sales tactics to obtain orders (e.g.

offering gifts and other incentives to purchasing agents). (2) Doing something vile just to maintain the company’s image and profitability will never be justifiable since doing so would only go down to bad karma and consequences, affecting those two attributes. It would be best if the management would always focus on their corporate responsibilities and in taking care of their relationship with their clients such as keeping their veracity towards them.

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(3) With the given case study above, It could be seen that the problem is within the management—of how eager were they when it comes to reaching their desired profit or more that they’re willing to do anything including pushing their subordinates to their limits just to achieve it. If I were the CEO, I would examine the statistical data of the managers and analyze what field are they having di


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