With more powerful and respected role than clients

With each alternative comes a differentoutcome and effects to the stakeholders involved.  Showing more women in powerful roles will notonly show that women are capable and qualified to hold such a position, butmore so that more woman than man are capable to hold a highly qualified andcommonly male dominated position.

Often times women are pushed aside ratherthan given the advancements they deserve and statistics demonstrate that thereare persistent gender holes in pay, hiring and advancements crosswise overoccupation and skill levels. Women are looked at to be less likely to handlestressful situations, and are deemed too emotional. Equal pay will affect eachstakeholder in a positive and more efficient manner that will allow for morewomen to gain more from the workplace environment. Allowing for efficient workopportunities for female gig workers may allow for the rise of alternative workengagements and close the remaining labor market gaps. These three alternativeswill have outcomes that will have positive and negative effects. Eachalternative can change the nature of the work environment and the efficiency ofthe work being done.

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They will also help women in the work environment for thebetter but it may also show that the men in higher positions aren’t soqualified or don’t deserve the positions they are in. For example, the effectsof Martin Schneider in this case would be minimal if this course of action isfollowed. Schneider is currently being treated better and given more respectnot because he is a better employee but solely off of his sex. The effects ofNicole Hallberg for alternative one is that if she was demonstrated in a morepowerful and respected role than clients would respect her opinion more.

Ibelieve these alternatives satisfy both the utilitarian and deontology ethicalmodels. These alternatives satisfy the utilitarianism ethical model because itstates what’s right and wrong. In this case it is extremely wrong that Nicoleis treated in a rude matter than martin is. It is also wrong that theburgeoning gig economy influences gender and other forms of labor discrimination.The good qualities in this case is that the rise of elective work arrangementsmay offer the opportunities for women to close the remaining labor market gaps.

By closing these labor market gaps, it will allow for women to get the equalopportunities. I believe this case supports deontology in light of the factthat it is there duty to ensure that women have a place in workplaceenvironments and give women the upper hand sometimes rather than always men. Iconsider the stakeholders whom are not important in this case to be thecustomers.

I consider the customers to not be as important because they are notbeing affected in the gig economy. The employees are the people that are beingaffected and more so the woman than anyone. The men have a positive outcomefrom the gig economy and earn greater platforms than deserved at times. Thetruth is that whether the workplace is created more equally for all employeesthat does not change the prejudices and biases of the customers to employees.Although woman may start to get the upper hand in more situations that will notchange customers opinions of if women are qualified and trustworthy to givethem feedback.

Thought that is morally wrong that is the way the workplace isand is something that should be drastically changed. The business industry hasadopted this stereotype that women don’t bargain and they aren’t willing tobargain. There is a misconception that women employees will be take advantageof more than male employees when individuals are barraging their salary. Idon’t believe that at all times they are taken advantage, I just think thatindividuals have more confidence to ask when there is a female interviewer.Most times people don’t think that the female interviewer necessarily knowswhat they are talking about but that is not always true.

People should givewomen more respect and not just give men more respect and trust their word justbecause they are a man. 


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