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William Shakespeare is one of the most known and successful dramatists, whose plays are still performed throughout the world. Being born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, Shakespeare moved to London where he worked as an actor and playwright. His career is centered around the leading theatre company, Lord Chamberlain’s Men, where it established William Shakespeare’s endless and influential career. From 1594 till his death in 1616, Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and 150 poems.

One out of the 37 plays written by Shakespeare comes the story of Prince Hamlet of Denmark and his tragedy. Prince Hamlet, the son of the King Hamlet and Queen Gertrude, returns home from his education in Wittenberg, Germany. Prince Hamlet finds out that his father has died and his mother got remarried (immediately) to her husband’s brother, Claudius, who is now the new King of Denmark. Hamlet decides to stay at Elsinore Castle than return to his studies to mourn his father. Horatio, Hamlet’s best friend, informs him that he had seen a ghost that resembled the late King.

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They take the night watch in the tower and the ghost appears. The ghost claims to be the spirit of Hamlet’s father and it reveals to him that his father had been poisoned by Claudius. The ghost requires Hamlet to avenge the murder and he promises to do so. Before his return to Denmark, Hamlet had a love interest: Ophelia.

Ophelia is innocent and obedient to her father,Polonius, who is the advisor to King Claudius. Previously Hamlet had declared his love for Ophelia. Now as she is saying goodbye to her brother, Laertes (as he leaves for Paris),he and his father warn Ophelia not to believe Hamlet’s love and forbid her to talk to him. However, Ophelia has an encounter with Hamlet, she lets her father know that about it and tells him that Hamlet seemed insane. Polonius tells the King and then the King sends Hamlet’s childhood friends, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, to see why Hamlet is mad.

Their failed attempt leads Ophelia to have another encounter with Hamlet to why he is mad, while the King and Polonius eavesdrop; in that moment Hamlet dismisses his love for Ophelia. As this is happening a theater troupe arrives at the castle and performs, Hamlet decides to use the play to see if Claudius is guilty. The play mirrors the alleged murder of the late King, King Claudius is outraged and shuts it down. The Queen calls for Hamlet in her chamber to have a conversation as Polonius eavesdrops. Not knowing that Polonius is hiding , Polonius cries for help because of Hamlet’s alarming behavior, then Hamlet pushes his sword in the tapestry and kills Polonius. The Queen tells the King of what she saw,he demands that Hamlet be sent to England. What nobody knows is that once Hamlet arrives in England he is going to be killed.

However, Hamlet finds this out while he encountered Fortinbras (Prince of Norway) army, instead sends his school friends to be killed, as he goes back home again.Upon his arrival, the news came out the Ophelia went mad and drowned;her brother Laertes also returns and demands revenge for his father’s death. King Claudius is informed of Hamlet’s arrival and convinces Laertes to challenge Hamlet to a sword fight. The King gives Laertes a poisoned sword and a cup of poisoned wine. During the fight the Queen accidently drinks the cup, Hamlet and Laertes fatally injured each other, but not before Hamlet uses both the sword and wine to kill Claudius. Hamlet tells Horatio not to drink the wine, but to live to tell his story.Then Fortinbras arrives in Denmark and is next to succeeded the throne by Hamlet’s wishes. Fortinbras then gives Hamlet a military funeral.

Many experts have analyzed Hamlet, and each of their responses are one-of-a-kind.Their views are in distinctive places. There is an abundance of possibilities where these experts relate their views; it can be to psychology,Shakespeare’s existence, and many other categories. There are endless possibilities to explain the significance of Hamlet, its characters,and plot. One particular analysis that caught my attention was C.S Lewis’s, which he presented to the British Academy.

C.S Lewis’s analysis of Hamlet perfectly captures my view on the play; that it is a play about death and corruption, it is about a man that suffers a certain kind of experience, and the man and experience go together. To begin with, this particular take on Hamlet has a solid foundation: that this play is simply about death and corruption. In addition, the play presents a man suffering a certain kind of experience. Ultimately, this play unveils that: the man and the experience that go together. To conclude, my support for C.S Lewis response to Hamlet is appropriately noted above.


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