Who: Award for Education. What: VINES magazine is


Network Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Postmedia Network Canada Corp. , a
Canadian media company representing more than 160 brands across multiple print,
online, and mobile platforms. It is the largest publisher by circulation of
paid English-language newspapers in Canada and represents some of Canadas
longest standing and best-known media brands. Award-winning journalists and
product development teams who strive for innovation bring engaging content every
week through their wide range of available platforms. The company’s content,
reach and scope offers advertisers and marketers opportunities reach their
target audiences (http://www.postmedia.com/).
Postmedia provides the multimedia channels for VINES magazine and InterVin
International Wine Awards.

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Key player:

Water is the co-founder/editor of VINES Magazine and author of weekly wine
column, Water & Wine, which is published by Postmedia Network publications
across Canada as well as online through the canoe network. He is also an
international wine judge and educator. Since 2009, Christopher has served as
head judge and organizer of the InterVin International Wine Awards and
represents Canada for the Six Nations Wine Challenge. He is a WSET certified
instructor at CCOVI (Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute) at Brock
University where he also teaches the history of Ontario wine, classic wine
styles and regions. He has received numerous awards, in 2011 he was awarded the
Business Citizen of the Year at the Niagara Wine Festival and received the VQA
Promoters Award for Education.


magazine is a national consumer lifestyle magazine aimed at Canadians who buy,
drink, and enjoy wine and food on a regular basis. It is on its fourth
newspaper company as magazine since 1998. It started with paper print
newspaper, generating revenue by selling descriptions, subscriptions and
advertising. New ways of promotion have since emerged including websites, e-newsletters,
online magazines, social media and many others because of the advancements in technology.
Today it is more focused on the Ontario and BC wine industries and markets,
with less focus on emerging regions like Nova Scotia. Readers range from
enthusiastic beginners who want to learn about the world of wine and the styles
of wine that they enjoy and experienced veterans who look for insider tips and
expert wine buying advice. There are people from 16 countries  following information from VINES. They
publish 7 (5?) issues a year and include an annual InterVin Awards Issue, each
issue has a special seasonal focus and a uniquely Canadian viewpoint. They
contain wine reviews written by their team of critics, experts and writers as
well as feature articles on food and wine, wine travel, and profiles of select
producers and wine regions.

magazine is the exclusive wine magazine sponsor of Canada’s largest consumer
wine-tasting event, the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo. VINES is also a sponsor
of the Niagara Food & Wine Expo and the Niagara Wine Festival.

VINES has dedicated itself to exploring and celebrating wine as part of a
rewarding, active lifestyle.

strong association with wineries across Canada and worldwide, provide a
proactive and professional perspective, influencing those buyers interested in
trying wines from emerging markets.

Small group of people with a high turnover rate. Also people are becoming less
engaged with paper creating a difficulty and lack of support as
paper print magazine.

Water has a very diverse team of contributors for VINES magazine including Rod
Phillips, Jancis Robinson, Kelly Schweitzer, Daenna Van Mulligenhe along with other
talented writers and artists. This strong team helps to keep VINES magazine’s
ongoing success.


magazine allows you to directly target your preferred customers, especially
customers who are difficult to reach any other way. It
delivers a niche market of readers who appreciate the magazine’s editorial and
advertising content and have the purchasing power to indulge in luxury prodcuts.


is a Canadian based international wine awards organized by Christopher Water
and his VINES magazine team. Sommeliers, winemakers, wine related media and
educators assess and award submissions every year. The most recent
InterVin took place at White Oaks Resort & Spa, August 9th to 11th, 2017,
and the judges of the competition tasted more than 1200 wines from all over the
world. All
wineries that submit five or more wines compete for Winery of the Year. The top
five scores are used to calculate the overall ranking. The top 15 finalists
will be marketed extensively through VINES and their other national multimedia

InterVin’s international scope and evaluation process, an objective, blind
tasting format has been developed that utilizes a team of highly qualified
judges. The panel features wine industry professionals with backgrounds in
hospitality, media, education and winemaking.

wines are grouped by varietal or style to make sure that each is fairly
evaluated. Judges award gold, silver and honours medals in each category as well
as determine the prestigious top awards for the overall best wines.

campaign launches in the fall and includes national print media, influential
online resources and significant event exposure. Results are be made public
beginning in September, when the list of Best Value Wines is announced. The
top-scoring wines and Wineries of the Year finalists are featured in a special
InterVin Awards issue of VINES Magazine and in the National Post Weekend Post.

releases are sent to all those who submitted wines as they are released to the
media. Packages with bottle stickers and plaques are delivered to all gold, silver
and honours award winners and each is posted online at intervin.ca.

The InterVin International Wine Awards is designed to recognize and celebrate
the very best wines available to Canadian consumers.

help winemakers attain well-deserved recognition and celebrate outstanding
achievements in winemaking.

Gather wine industry professionals searching for excellence and allow truly
superior wines from each winery to stand out from the crowd and earn the
accolades they deserve!


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