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Whip Out That Student ID and Receive These 21 DiscountsStudents are not presumed to be wealthy and possess a strong spending power, but smart businesses think ahead. They know that current students will be getting jobs in just a few years and will be spending their first salaries somewhere. When that independence comes, it’s vital to be on the radar of those young spenders. This is why businesses offer various discounts for currently enrolled students, who are very well versed in technology and social media, making reaching them quite easy.We will cover 21 discounts available for students, but that is just scratching the surface off all available offers and local deals. So make good use of that ID and an edu.

com address.EntertainmentMovie TicketsMovie theaters know very well that students love film. They need a break from studying and they need a place to come with their dates, so AMC Theaters, Cinemark, and Marcus Theaters all offer special deals for students.The ArtsWhen students don’t go to see a movie, they often visit museums, theaters, and concerts. Many places like that have available discounts and specials, including the famous Metropolitan Museum in New York.Professional SportsMany sports teams understand student life because the players are students themselves. Smart team owners understand that young people are the most enthusiastic about sporting events, so student discounts are very popular. Some websites, like SeatGeek and StubHub offer deals and ways to save money.

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Computer HardwareStudents need computers for work and for entertainment. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Best Buy, and Lenovo compete for student business, so always look for deals. SoftwareMost campus bookstores offer free stuff and great deals on computer software. Students can get free Microsoft 365 absolutely free, Adobe Creative Cloud is only $10 instead of $50, and Amazon offers some discounts on software.NewsThe Economist, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal all offer great deals on electronic and print versions.TextbooksDespite of our love for eBooks and tablets, old style paper textbooks are still most common and still not cheap. University book stores carry them all, but not necessarily for best prices, so students should look for online deals, used book sales, and re-sell their own used material.

Barnes and Noble offers an option to rent your book and save money.Hotels and plain ticketsStudents often times find themselves far away from home and travel back every chance they get. If they don’t go home, they travel to discover the world.

Either way, they buy tickets and book hotels. Student ID can help save money along the way.Car rentalAvis, Budget, and Hertz offer up to 20% off their vehicles for currently enrolled students.Buses and TrainsSome students use bus and train systems extensively to reach their destinations or even their schools. Greyhound and Amtrak have student discounts when buying in advance, so plan ahead.

MTA Chicago and European Eurail offer lower rates for students under 27.Cars and InsuranceNot many students will invest their money into buying a brand new car, but if they do, General Motors will offer student discounts on their fleet. After the car purchase, check out all the insurance companies to get best discounted rates for students.Upromise shoppingStudents support themselves and shop for all kids of everyday life. If they are loans from Sallie Mae, they can their shopping program Upromise and get cash towards their payments while shopping.

Their family can also join and send money their students’ way.AmazonAmazon Students get great deals on Prime membership price, and then can enjoy free shipping, Amazon videos, and many other discounts.Retail and ApparelStudents are often fashion savvy and pay great attention to their appearance. Banana Republic and J.

Crew are just a few retailers that understand that and offer student discounts. There are plenty of other stores that want to dress students for dates and for job interviews.BankingBanks are big at acquiring their future big earners while they are still young. Bank of America, U.S.

Bank, and Chase offer bonus deals, but beware of fees and overdraft cost.Credit cardsMany financial institutions offer credit cards for students, but might hit them with high interest rates, so students should exercise some caution.Financial Planning Students often use budgeting tools to plan their expenses and income.

You Need a Budget offers their software free for a year.Deals on Food on campusStudents, who pay for meal plans, should get maximum benefit for their money and take fruit or cereal home for later, if rules allow. Use all on campus event opportunities to score free food.EventsCampuses are famous for various events, rallies, and sometimes even concerts. Make use of this entertainment and, go to free lectures and classes.Health and FitnessEnjoy those nice on campus gyms while you can, develop healthy habits early on.

Health Centers often provide students with free condoms, bandages, and tissues, so stock up.Promotional ItemsMany university departments have free supplies, like pens; free stuff is offered during events, so all students have to do is keep an eye for them.


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