When bad for them. They can criticize everything

When we talk about friends, the first thing that comes to most of the people’s mind is good personalities, great advice, a sense of humor and honesty. However, everything has two sides, friends, too. In this essay, I am going to discussing bad friends, which are categorized by their own personality. There are two major kinds of bad friends, which are extremely critical friends and fair-weather friends.The first kind of bad friends is extremely critical friends. Normally, they have negative minds, so everything is bad for them. They can criticize everything that does not suit them even the people whom they claim to be friends. If you have friends like this, they will actually criticize everything that you do and say.

They don’t like your job, they don’t like the food that you eat, they don’t like your friends, and they make negative comments about your personality. As mentioned previously, you have to avoid being friends with these people because they may lower your confidence. Friends are supposed to help and support you, not insult you and knock you down at every possible opportunity.

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