When are: i. Public bus ii. Rickshaw iii.

When too many transports try to move along a narrow street or road at a time, they create traffic jam. It is an alarming problem of Dhaka City. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and the most densely polluted city. More than 12 million people live here. There are many causes of traffic jam in this city. And it has a bad impact on the economy of the city. The major cause of traffic jam is that, the roads and streets of Dhaka city are very slender and narrow. Most of the drivers of our country are illiterate and ignorant of traffic rules. So they usually break the rules and create traffic jam. Wrong parking and unnecessary overtaking of vehicles are also responsible for traffic jam. Traffic jam kills our valuable time and hampers our works. The people of Dhaka city want to get rid of this problem. To solve this problem the existing roads and streets should be broadened. One way movement of vehicles should be introduced. Moreover, flyover should be constructed in certain areas where traffic jam occurs frequently. In order to avoid traffic jam everybody should follow the traffic rules. If we can able to reduce traffic jam, our city will play a very important role by ensuring healthy environment and economy.

Transportation Mediums in Dhaka City:
Transport media is an important part of the economy of Dhaka city. The main transportation mediums of Dhaka city are:
i. Public bus
ii. Rickshaw
iii. Taxi
iv. Private car
v. Motor cycle
These are the most used transport in Dhaka city.
Wastage of Time Due to Traffic Jam:
Around 7 million people live in Dhaka city corporation area. And more than 12 million people live in Dhaka metropolitan area. The people of Dhaka city on an average waste 1.30 hours every day due to traffic jam. Vehicle operators are also losing a lot of time due to traffic jam. They lose almost 3 hours every day because of traffic jam.
Let’s do an easy math:
Say for example, Mr. X is a person whose life span is about 40years. He waste daily one hour in traffic jam.
365hours × 40years = 14,600 hours
14,600 hours ÷ 24 hours = 608.33 days
608.33 days ÷ 365 days = 1.67 years
The equation show that, almost 2 years of his life in traffic jam.

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Causes of Traffic Jam in Dhaka City:
There are many causes of traffic jam in Dhaka city. Insufficient amount of roads, poor traffic administration, wrong parking, unfit vehicles and illegal license, construction works, hawkers, no alternative of buses, political meeting and rally, indifference of government, unconsciousness of people, extra private cars, accident etc. are the main causes of traffic jam. Some of the major causes of traffic jam are:
I. Violation of traffic rules and regulations:
The lack of education and consciousness among the general people is the major cause of traffic jam. Most of the drivers and drivers are illiterate and ignorant of traffic rules. So they usually break the traffic rules and create traffic jam. Moreover, some of the people of Dhaka city drive their vehicles at their sweet will. Even they don’t stop their cars at the bus stop. Many people cross the busy roads without using zebra crossing or foot over bridges. The people who know the traffic rules, they also violate the rules and regulations.
II. Unfit vehicles and illegal license:
There are lots of unfit vehicles and illegal licenses in Dhaka city, which are making traffic jam regularly. Besides making traffic jam these unfit vehicles are responsible road accidents. Two high school students were run over by a bus on the 29th of July 2018. Then the school students started to protest and presented the government with a 9points demand. At the same time they were checking the licenses and fitness of buses.

III. Insufficient parking arrangement:
Insufficient parking arrangement is another cause of traffic jam in Dhaka city. To park the vehicles on busy roads has become a regular practice. Many people of this city stop their cars here and their without any valid reasons.
The Impacts of Traffic Jam in Dhaka City:
The impacts of traffic jam can be described in three ways.
I. Impact on economy:
Traffic jam has a great impact on the economy of Dhaka city. Due to traffic jam people are loosing their time. They are also paying extra transportation cost and vehicle operating cost.
Because of traffic jam sometimes people are to wait on the roads for several hours. It doesn’t only kill their valuable time but also hamper their works. It is life and death situation in a traffic jam for the serious patients being carried in an ambulance.
II. Impact on health:
Traffic jam has a very bad impact on health of the general people and vehicle operators. Due to traffic jam the people of Dhaka city are mostly suffering from breathing problems, headache, mental stress, hearing problem, unexpected sweating, tiredness and eye problem and so much more. Except these problems people also suffer from suffocation, respiratory, puking, heart diseases, fever, dust allergy, digestion problem and dehydration.
III. Impact on environment:
Traffic jam is also responsible for environment pollution. Sound pollution and air pollution are occurring in Dhaka city due to traffic jam. Continuous horns of vehicles during traffic jam are responsible for the sound pollution. When vehicles stop for a long time and their engine is on, it creates traffic jam.

Solutions of Traffic Jam in Dhaka City:
The people of Dhaka city want to get rid of traffic jam. But the traffic jam cannot be solved in one fine morning. The solution of traffic jam is everyone’s responsibility including the government, the general people and the vehicles operator.
I. What government can do:
Our government should take many necessary steps to reduce traffic jam. Dhaka city doesn’t have sufficient highway roads and over bridges. So our government should build up these. And if it is possible, government can create a rickshaw and bicycle street beside the main street. Parking facilities for vehicles should be increased.
II. What general people can do:
One of the major solutions to reduce traffic jam in Dhaka city is creating proper awareness among the people. All the people of Dhaka city should maintain the traffic rules. Moreover people should not park their vehicles here and there.
III. What vehicles operator can do:
Vehicle operator should also try to reduce traffic jam in Dhaka city. They should have proper license. They should be also aware of traffic rules and maintain the rules strictly.

Private participation in road development, low budget development of junctions, separate lanes, alternative transport, parking lots are also important for reducing traffic jam.

Dhaka is not only the capital of Bangladesh, but also the heart of the country. Because as a capital city Dhaka is playing a vital role in the economy of Bangladesh. But because of traffic jam this city is facing major loss in the economy. A city with less traffic jam can be helpful for the economy and it can also bring peace for the citizens. By reducing traffic jam we can also ensure healthy environment free from noise and pollution. For reducing traffic jam many short term and long term solutions can be taken by the government and general people.


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