When you would have to create a

When using event driven programming, it consists of using objects,
listeners and handlers. For example, when creating a game using event driven
programming, you use objects such as shapes to be able to interact with your
game, such as an arrow key taking you to a next level. In order for it to
proceed to the next frame or so, you would have to create a listener so that
once it is clicked it will proceed to the next frame, and once you have clicked
it, the listener will call on the handler to carry out this event.
Windows 7 is an operating system that allows a user to run programs, save
delete and organise files, as well as using it for other uses such as gaming or
listening to music. Windows 7 can act as an event driven program as it also
goes through the same processes when carrying out tasks made by a user. For
example if a user were to open up a document they would have to go through the
process of clicking the object, having windows 7 being the listener, it would
then have to handle it and carry out the event.
You can be able to use Windows 7 to:

Double click to run programs

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Keyboard shortcuts

Start menu

Right-click to access properties

If a user were to run a program, such as by double clicking
it in order for the program to load up, as you are double clicking the icon (on
the desktop), to open it the icon would act as an object, and in this case the
button, and once double clicked by the user Windows would act as the listener,
processing the fact that the item has been clicked and that the user wants to
open it and to start running that program, therefore Windows will then use the
listener to call upon the handler so that it can handle the action and carry
out the event, resulting in the program opening and running.




The same
goes for the Start Menu. When you click on the icon it opens up a list of functions
and buttons that can be used and ran by the user, opening up things like
Documents, Pictures or Applications. For the user to carry out the event of
clicking the start menu to open it up it triggers the mouse click event, when
the user clicks on the start button (which would be the object), EDP can be
used in this process as in order for the list of programs to appear an action is
done, the mouse click (left-click on the object – the start menu) which is
listened to by Windows, calling the handler to carry out the event and open up
the start menu as the user wishes to do so. This is called a Mouse click event.

You can use
Windows 7 to carry out keyboard shortcuts such as:

– open Start Menu

+TAB – Switching from different Tabs open


When the
keyboard is pressed, event driven programming will process this as KeyDown, KeyUP,
and if on the arrow keys, left and right. The object in this keyboard event
would be the actual keyboard keys pressed. If a user were to use a keyboard
shortcut such as ALT+CTRL+DEL, once these keys are pressed Windows would listen
to this as they are being pressed, and will call the handler so that the
handler can carry out this event. Once it has been handles it will output onto
the screen resulting in the keystroke opening up Windows 7 security, allowing
users to either lock their system, open the task manager, log off, change their
systems password or switch user, or even putting their system to sleep. This is
called a keyboard event.


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