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When Rodney wants to go party with his friends to celebrate the end of year 10, his father refuses to let him go expressing concern for his safety because there is no parent supervision. The fathers behaviour is accurate and similar to parents of today’s world it gives the audience a connection to their past the difficulties of a being a teen. This resulted in Rodney finally speaking out without his father’s knowledge and going to the party despite his father’s stress on adult supervision. The same circumstances are also shown in the myth of Daedalus and Icarus although Daedalus and Icarus seem to have a stronger father son relationship than Rodney and his father in the play. Rodney’s parents display the difficulties in raising an adolescent, but also the care they have for their son. Juice has a strong symbolic connection with the ancient Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus both stories share the same moral theme of flying to close to the sun. the relationship between father and son is untrustworthy and sometimes daunting as Rodney experiences a few occasions where his father angers him to the point he feels he has to rebel against his father’s guidance.


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