When did not matter. But as we

            When I was put in this class I thought Philosophy was
more about you learning why other people thought the way they did. I thought
you had to except the fact that what you thought did not matter. But as we did
our first assignment during the first week I learned from our book that, that
was indeed not the case. I learned that philosophy is more about understanding arguments,
and thinking more critically. Philosophy invites you to not just take what is
the obvious in life, but to, look beyond the surface and ask “WHY”? The truth
may be always considered in philosophy, but philosophy provide you with the ability
to also reflect with clarity and discipline.

            Philosophy’s definition is “the love of wisdom”(page 5),
derived from the Greek words philein, meaning love, and Sophia, meaning wisdom.  Philosophy tends to make you questions answers
that are simple and delve into the realm of the what if, whys and how’s of the
seemingly simple and widely accepted answer. Philosophy also makes you explore
yourself as a person, asking you to question and examine yourself in depth. Therefore,
ultimately becoming the person, you were meant to be fully and completely, by
being more thoughtful and open-minded, becoming more in sync with lifer in general.
Philosophy will make you more critical and aware of your daily choices, not being
afraid to think critically of yourself and therefore showing you a way of sophisticated
thinking that shapes you and the legacy you’ll leave behind in the world.       

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            Philosophy also invites you to use critical thinking as a
guide to completely reflect upon your life and the way you are living it. It is
this type of thoughtfulness and exploration of oneself that was completely on
me, the student, as I began this course. I was totally prepared to spend a
semester analyzing and critiquing the thoughts and opinions of other people,
not myself. In the two lessons we have completed, I’m already questioning not
only my daily decisions, but also, some of the decisions I’ve made throughout
my life. I’ve also found myself questioning the decisions that were made for me
by others before I had the final authority for such. I’m becoming more
open-minded, wanting to have more intellectual and insightful discussions and, also
more challenging to my peers in their opinions and answers of questions. I’m
looking forward to the rest of this course to compare and contrast things about
myself and the way I think and view not only myself, but the world around me. Hopefully
I will have achieved the success of fully knowing myself and confident in my thoughts
and decisions by the time I’m done with this course of Philosophy.


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