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When it comes to the point of isolating human monoclonal antibodies the hybridoma technique gives the perfect opportunity, which is best suited for such preparation. In order to achieve variable results a wide spectrum of techniques can be adopted. The advancements of applied sciences have made it much easier to perform such operations like increasing the antigen-specific B cells counts, improving the output of cell coordination, separating the desired myeloma cells, and adopting new pathways to perform cloning of such blood cells. It is without a doubt that adopting new methods that provide the window of creating something new have made it possible to increase such skills conceivable. The core objective of this study is to give an overview on the process how Monoclonal Antibodies are produced by using Hybridoma Technology. To know the process first we need to understand some basic steps that are involved in this technique. In the case of the production of a very specific antibody in massive number, cells that are called hybridomas are designed for such purpose. In order to perform such operation firstly Bcells are isolated from rodents’ spleen that was exposed to the linked antigen. Then fusion was made between the isolated spleenocytes and myeloma tumor cells (these cells can produce infinite number of cells and these are called B-cell cancer). The primary objective of such fusion was to enable the cell membranes more penetrable. Ultimately the resulting hybridomas that have turned into cancerous cells will manifold many times and the antibodies with specificity can be obtained from them after collection. The MAbs that resulted from the operation do not differ from antibodies that are found in human bodies by default because the resulted MAbs are able to maintain the innate amino acid sequence and the coupling of the Heavy and Light chain. Furthermore the application of Hybridoma technology in the production of MAbs has opened an enormous amount of possibilities in the field of introducing cutting edge therapies or developing newer drug targets that are highly effective against a broad spectrum of disease. These advantages have been made possible only because these MAbs can provide actions that are highly specific in nature and pliability.


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