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When identifying a social media plan for a business, factors need to be considered so that it can be done correctly.

These factors include, what are your products or services? Which could further help you identify your audience which is necessary to decide a social media platform for example a younger audience. Other things to be considered would be; what is the monetary size of your markets? What is your sales and distribution setup? What geographic area do you sell to? (Worldwide, UK only, Overseas, etc.) Describe your audience in terms of population, demographics, and income levels and so on. Historically, how well have your products sold? What competitors exist in this marketplace? These questions all help create a better understanding on identifying a social media plan for a business. It can increase chances of success as you can identify any pros and cons which could not make it run smoothly. Each company would need a different social media plan depending on their audience and product to be sold.

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Therefore the plan keeps everyone up to date so that it is all planned out.


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