When University.As my name was in 1st

When I was studying in my school it has been my positive habit that whenever I hear something new from wherever I ever investigate it from different sources. In 8 grade Once my teacher was discussing about human psychology. I searched out so much about it and found it so fascinating.At that time I decided to pursue psychology as my career.While choosing my field after matriculation,so many people, including some of my family members and close relatives urged me to do F.Sc.They argued that humainities is the field of students having low marks.But despite all of these discouragements ,I remained determined and selected subjects of humainities.I had a dream to do my Intermediate from Lahore College For Women University.As my name was in 1st merit list I got 50% concession in my tuition fee at Lahore College For Women University.Despite of 50% concession in my tuition fee at college it was a huge amount to pay for my father.He is retired from a private firm in June 2017 and he gets small amount of pension.It is very difficult for him to manage all the expenses and to spend a whole month in this little amount.Now in this state he is not in a position to pay these huge amounts of my college and coaching expenditure.I literally don’t want a burden of these expensis on his shoulders any more.I believe that your organization can help me to reach my goal of to be a psychiatrist.As a psychiatrist I hope to minimize the stress of people for the rest of my life.I already have the moral support of my family but this is not enough to make my dreams possible.I need as much help as possible and hope to get best from you


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