When installing solar PV systems for lighting

When I was pursuing Undergraduate studies at Makerere University, I studied the application of Physics to measurement of climate change in a course unit called environmental Physics. The knowledge I acquired gave me a foundation to understand the impact and mitigation of climate change. Later, while pursuing MSc renewable energy at the same University, I developed a deeper interest in studying how renewable energy technologies can reduce Carbon emission in form of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Currently I serve as Secretary to Lubiri SS Alumni Club and one of our core values is mitigation of climate change through tree planting and promoting the use of renewable energy technologies. In future we plan to sell Carbon credits. Your course covers topics like Climate change mitigation, carbon economics, these will equip me with skills to measure contribution of various renewable energy technologies like biogas plants to reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Further, Uganda will start mining and processing of Hydrocarbons (Petroleum products), the studies in MSc Carbon Management will empower me with knowledge to advise government on the possible ways of reducing Carbon emissions associated with hydrocarbons.

While working at Global Solar Solutions as Energy advisor, my company was contracted by a local authority to reduce emission from Kerosene lamps in a rural area by installing solar PV systems for lighting at subsidised cost. My main role was to supervise and to choose the appropriate materials which included cables, lights and panels. I was glad to see a reduction in the amount of smoke that used to be emitted and this gave me a practical experience of the relationship between green energy and Carbon management.

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I am looking forward to pursuing M.Sc. Carbon Management degree particularly at the University of Edinburg because of; the high rank of your course in the UK best 5 environmental management masters and the International reputation of your qualifications that attract a number of students Worldwide. This is reinforced with the flexibility of learning that you provide through online studies. You provide a means for monitoring online studies through your online student support which bridges the gap between distance and face to face sessions.

I plan to pursue a PhD after the MSc Carbon Management, to do more research in Carbon economics for renewable energy technologies or work with our National Environmental Management Authority


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