When known for its amazing healthcare system, unlike

When i think of Canada, i think of home and peace. To me Its one of the most welcoming countries in the world, everyone is treated with the same rights. Being Canadian means pushing to better ourselves, our country, and our world. Canada is the country that is known for many things that other countries do not have. 1st of all its the best country to immigrate to.

its very multicultural and accepts people from all over the world and allows them to live with the same rights and equality Canadian citizens have. 2nd of all its known for its amazing healthcare system, unlike other countries like America you have to pay for certain things such as going to the hospital, Canada healthcare covers most of your medical bills. I’m sure all of Canada’s aspects are very important, but to me and my family i would say religion and culture. The reason i chose these two is because of my parents, they immigrated here from Iraq during Saddam Hussiens war about 25 years ago it definitely was a struggle to get to Canada for them because of the time they spent living in a refugee camp (3 years) but everyday they talk about how thankful they are for getting immigrated here and ever since they immigrated and until now they have been treated with nothing but respect, equality and peace. I was born in Calgary and theirs no other country i would rather live in.

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