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When I joined the first company visit during Bachelor Degree I have got a dream of becoming a part of the top-level management team of a company. Having four years of Bachelor Degree from Bangladesh and one year of Graduate Diploma from New Zealand in the field of attainment in Finance and Accounting, I feel the interest about the demand of these sectors which seems to call me out induce me to gather more. The dream I brought up during my graduation has grown with me, and to feel this reality I wish to study an MBA at your estimated University. After completing my graduation, I got an opportunity to achieve a graduate diploma from New Zealand and that time I felt happy to realize my dream by joining Cardinal Logistics Limited as a Store person to attain an industrial experience. The company trained me in global procurement and find out me as an efficient team member; I learned many strategic things from there.

Early in my school life, I got the value of hard work and insistence. This encourages me to secure a good result in my higher secondary level. Later, this provides a foundation for my studies in Finance and Banking at BBS National University in Bangladesh and Graduate Diploma in Finance and Accounting at EDENZ Colleges in New Zealand.

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As a part of Cardinal Logistics Company I have gathered knowledge in the following field:• Hands-on warehousing responsibilities• RF scanning• Cycle counts• Stock takes• Warehouse housekeeping• Capable of identifying, selecting and/or packing goods to prepare an order• Pick and confirm an order via the RF scanning• Know the destination priority of orders to be picked in• Able to supply simple stores information, i.e. pick face counts, use by dates in pick faces• Had obtained a certificate to operate a picker machine I got some extremely interesting data about my field of concentrate by perusing your University site, and this has driven me to apply for the MBA course offered at your renowned University.Though I completed my graduate diploma from New Zealand, I have picked Canada for my MBA because of since it is one of the main of part of world-class tertiary instruction. Its sources of opportunities and multicultural, cooperative learning condition for all international students who want to establish by having a world-class degree from a center part of the business world. The nice part of the Canadian universities guarantees most high educational excellence and great diversity which are imitated in different university positioning. The potential I would pick up in Canada would be apparent in my nation as well as all-inclusive. It will make new possibility for my career to advance effectively all over the world.

University Canada West is one of the best-positioned universities in Canada. Experienced adaptable course structure, world-class study methods, and today’s job-related course selection really make me interested and curious. Consequently, it will be ideal for me to have this degree in Business Administration.

It will be a great opportunity for me to get the chance to study in University Canada West. Please consider my application by the positive way for MBA and I will be grateful for having this opportunity.


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