When computers, individual bits such as 1’s and

When discussing ideas that will help propel technology forward and improve the world in the future, quantum computers is one idea that comes to mind. A quantum computer is a computer that revolves around utilizing the basic principles of quantum mechanics into its structure and performance 1. One such concept is superposition. In modern-day computers, individual bits such as 1’s and 0’s are processed sequentially. However, through duality or superposition, these bits can instead act as 1’s and 0’s as well as both at the same time. Such bits are called qubits or quantum bits. This results in a significant increase in processing power and speed that modern-day computers are incapable of achieving including current supercomputers 2. This allows scientists to resolve complex problems and understand enormous amounts of data 3. These systems will open doors to opportunities and breakthroughs in fields such as artificial intelligence & medicine 3. On the topic of artificial intelligence, scientists are searching for ways to optimize the performance and existing capabilities of A.I. systems. In January of this year, researchers in the National University of Singapore are suggested that quantum systems can potentially improve this field. The method proposed by PhD student Jansen Zhao is an algorithm that will push the capabilities of current state of artificial intelligence systems such as automating daily tasks and computing enormous amounts of data 4. In conclusion, quantum computers will play a pivotal role in the future of technology. Highly complex problems such as optimization problems, security and medicine represent a wall that can’t be broken down with today’s computers 3. Quantum systems however will allows us to tackle these issues head on and ultimately and hopefully resolve them.

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