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When it comes to fashion, a wristwatch is one such mandatory accessory that everyone starting from adults to kids is passionate about. For kids, watches are truly a precious possession especially when they are personalized with favorite Disney Character or cartoon character, patterns or colors. Apart from teaching the little ones how to read time, these watches give them a unique identity of their own. AM:PM has some amazing collection of Disney watches that are highly tempting and cannot be resisted from buying. The Disney Mickey Mouse Unisex Watch Blue Silicone Strap is available online on Amazon at a very affordable rate i.e.

$80.00 only. Being a reputed seller of premium quality watches, the brand owner assures that 100% customer satisfaction is their main motto and hence tries to come up with something new always. The exact words of the company CEO after the launch of this Disney Watch were,If someone is looking for a kid-inspired, cute looking and Disney thematic timepiece for his/her child then this Aqua blue colored Mickey Mouse Unisex Watch DP155-U531 would be necessary to check out once. The smart and sleek design of the dial with the lovable Mickey printed on it makes it every child favorite piece of accessory. The best thing to notice on the watch is how Mickey’s hands have been used creatively as the clock hands. The Mickey Mouse has been designed uniquely with triangular patterns and multiple hues against the white background, thus making it more prominent and appealing. The aqua blue silicone strap and the steel case make the timepiece sturdy and durable enough to be worn for years without any quality degradation.

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It is provided with Quartz Movement and hence supports the analog display. If parents need an inexpensive but ultra modern wristwear for their boy or girl, then they are advised to place their order quickly on Amazon.com as stocks are limited.

Lastly, it comes with  2-year Amazon warranty provided by Asurion and hence no one has to worry about its performance for at least two years. Though AM:PM ensures that such situation will never arise with their creations, buyers can buy this watch with complete peace of mind after knowing about its 2-year warranty.


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