What makes me greatly interested in this field

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals, says Zig Ziglar. New York is a land of opportunities and United States being the largest economy in the world, it is the hub of emerging brands. In my lifetime, the field of marketing has progressed from its relative infancy to a mature and dynamic field capable of transforming industry. Hence believing my instincts I hereby take a step forward to pursue my master study in the New York and show my desire to be a part of the Integrated Marketing program at your institution. New York University – School of Professional Studies offers vast range of opportunities to develop skills in the field of rapidly changing world of brands. In addition, NYU has retained its high reputation in delivering supreme standards of education and industry involvement hence taking the opportunity to challenge myself has motivated me on taking the program in your university. Marketing being inherently creative means of representing products in the minds of consumers makes me greatly interested in this field of study.

It has received increased attention in the recent years in terms of understanding the new strategies and involvements. The Integrated Marketing program here at your prestigious institute offers extensive training in the history and reality of marketing in all spheres, and after careful consideration it matches my future career prospects.I feel this program is a perfect synergy between the course content and my interest.

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Taking note from my undergraduate hybrid program of Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) in Media and Communication Studies, it gave me an incredible sync of understanding of business aspects along with the media interface of the emerging and existing brands. My institution gave me a platform full of challenges and helped me thrive my way through the competition in the real world. My first exposure to this field was while working on a branding assignment with a team of six in setting up my own Radio and T.V channel. Together as a team we supervised the entire management of our new brand- starting from conceptualization, budgeting, marketing strategies to different media participations.

With my potential I showcased my brand in the accordance to the real time competitive market. My research included complete analysis of branding and marketing strategies of previously existing and now emerging brands in the similar sector. This in depth study taught me about how a good marketing and brand management can have a dramatic effect on the success of products in the competitive global market. This exposed me towards the great potential of this field, hence inspiring me to pursue postgraduate studies in this area.As an undergraduate, I was an active participant in my college. I joined the cultural and performing arts clubs in my department and participated actively in several intra and inter college activities. One of such is our annually organized cultural festival- INBOX that I headed in my final year. In such activities group cooperation is essential which I took first on hand and developed useful teamwork and cooperation skills during this time.

In addition, with my growing interest in marketing, I joined the public relations group of the student association and headed the annual blood donation drive on my campus. I was responsible for planning various activities, such as boot camps and awareness seminars, and became comfortable and confident in a leadership role. My experiences outside of the classroom proved as much beneficial as those in the classroom, and I am certain that these experiences will be helpful to my future research and advanced studies.I spent my childhood looking at this man, my father who struggled and transformed his dream into reality, becoming my mentor for life.

“Nothing is Impossible in Life” has always been a motivating force behind all his achievements. Seeing my father’s journey from a local contractor to a state renowned builder has been extremely surreal experience for me and my family. He gave birth to a brand, which today is a revolution in the real estate sector of Jharkhand, India.

Coming from such a business background I have witnessed a brand building from its infancy stage to maturity to now a full-grown identity. Hence today we as a family strongly belief that enjoying what we do and having the passion to pursue, we can ultimately achieve our destination, no matter how much efforts are needed. From early childhood, I was very captivated with the brand image and reputation of my father had all over the state.

I would ask him with all my inquisitiveness about his principle of working. I always tried to find out what basic elements and structure they contain that make them to facilitate a brand from nothing to everything. It was then he gave me a brief account on how ‘marketing’ then in the 90’s played such a vital role in the development of the brand in the minds of his consumers. Therefore, since then, I had made my mind to opt for the marketing domain and has now incited me to enroll myself for the Integrated Marketing program at New York University – School of Professional Studies, one of the most esteemed institutes in The United States.

My undergraduate studies at Whistling Woods International in Mumbai, which is affiliated with Tata Institute of Social Sciences, not only gave me a certain skill set but also helped me to further explore my field of interest and hone my academic strengths. Along with my academic studies I thrived my way to the open gates of the different media industry specialists acing in their own sectors in the city of media and entertainment. It’s not surprising but we do call Mumbai to be the New York of India. It wasn’t easy for a small town girl to make an impression on to the field experts, but I never gave up. My journey started as pamphlet distributor and to be continued as a Public Relation Consultant at Lakme Fashion Week wasn’t an easy go. My love for brands and its entourage made me intern for varied sectors. I tried my hands on a liquor brand; Black Dog for some time and then pushed myself to a music festival in Goa hosted by one of biggest music brands, VH1. The movie buff in me also made work for a film festival, Maami, hosted every year in Mumbai, India.

Now the people around also recognized the hunger in me and recommended me to other competitive companies. My hard working and focused nature got me an opportunity to work for the Star India, one of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world. I worked with MSL India – one of largest PR agency in Asia, as a part of a core PR team of Star Plus, a leading T.V channel in India. During my final year I took complete turn over to fashion industry, as soon as I got the first chance of it. I worked as a fashion intern for three consecutive seasons of Lakme Fashion Week under IMG Reliance, Mumbai.The above accounts my persistent nature of understanding brands and their working in the real world. Today I perceive that life for me has been a process of persistent determination and so I always want to improve and perform better in everything than I had done before.

The most integral part of these consistent achievements is the work ethic assimilated into me by my parents, teachers, and mentors and intrigued my liking for the marketing industry. Hence I look forward to come and grab all the forthcoming opportunities I first get on hands. And as Carrie Bradshaw suggests, “20 something women come to New York City for two L’s, Labels and Love.” Well I guess the love of my life – labels will only come true in the city of dreams, New York. After completion of my master’s degree, I will apply what I learn in your university in a practical setting. In the long-term, I plan to hold the position of Marketing/Brand Manager, developing effective marketing/brand strategies and working across cultures. Studying in your University for master’s program, I will take my knowledge to the next level and prepare for the challenges ahead. I am eager to enter your school and, if granted admission, I will devote myself to the pursuit of knowledge.

Finally, I am grateful for your consideration, and I eagerly await your reply.


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