What mean? in fact, photo means a

What types of photo are most commonly sharedin social media ?in the last couple of years, the phenomenon ofphotography has become quite popular. there are manytypes of images that are captured by people mostlyeveryday.

However, what does the word PHOTO mean?in fact, photo meansa combining form meaning ‘light ‘ (photobiology) alsoused to represent “photographic” or “photograph” inthe formation of compound words:photocopy,(google.com).Moreover, social media means that refers to websitesand computer programs that make communicationpossible with computers or mobile phones.social media can take the singular or plural form of theverb ,(google.

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com).for sure we all love to make memories taking a photoone of the ways to make it . moreover ,you will finddocumentation the moments is the most importantphoto in life .in addition there are many types of photothat people commonly use . personal photographic ,and action photos and what people always share.Action photographicAs we know that the world is full of events and todocument this event we have two methods eithervideos recording or taking pictures .

in addition , mostpeople take pictures to keep them but the othersprefer to share it on social media .For example taking a graduation picture is one of theaction photo . moreover, action photo mean”photograph that shows someone or something inmotion ” (google.com).


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