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What is Cryptoneum?Investment powering Wealth generation through the Power of Artificial Intelligence Trading bots and TheBlockchainA decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform using AI technology powered by ethereum blockchainA high value reward coin serving multiple purposesOur system would effectively assist in obtaining the maximum profit safely, securely, comfortably andsteadily. We have dramatically simplified investing by linking the profit to the exchange rate of our coin. Theone and only thing you need to do is to purchase our coin either at ICO (which is cheaper) or at fully-fledgedlaunch of the platform.Unlike most similar platforms, we generate profits not only by our coin resale, but we trade systems atexchanges with excessive profits. These profits we share with you.PROBLEMIt’s very difficult and tiring nowadays to keep track of crypto prices and trade all day long.

Since many newinvestors are coming in crypto space and are trading with very little or no knowledge about trading andultimate losing in this extremely volatile market. There are many pump and dumps happening.And moreover this space is more driven by news. So it’s not possible to get thoroughly involved by leaving joband daily work and keep track of everything happening in this space by a person individually.SOLUTIONWe have a strategic team of professional traders and financials expertsPowered by AI bots configured and running 24/7 monitoring and trading on the exchanges. A point to benoted is the more amount invested, the more profit generated.

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Our experts were earlier trading forex andstocks and have huge experience and our development team is configuring and managing different botscontinuously.MONITORING AND INTRADAY TRADINGCryptoneum AI-bot constantly monitors newly listed coin on exchanges via coinmarketcap and finds the mostpromising one’s for intraday trading.AUTO TRADINGWe have a bot connected to all the major exchanges. So we are able to make huge gains by buying at otherexchange at cheaper price and selling them at higher price before anyone else.DISTRIBUTION OF PROFIT RECEIVEDInvestment through lending and ICO enables us to configure bots 24/7 and our strategic financial tradingexperts’ helps generating profits which is distributed among the participants of the Lending Program.

ICO CROWDFUNDICO is a way which enables CRP to fund our activities including building and developing our core Team, theecosystem for our apps, and running marketing campaigns so that our brand-awareness and reputationwould be successfully built.There are several ways to earn profit with CRP coins, and buying ICO coin at the best price enables you tooptimize your investment. Therefore, you should not miss any latest information about ICO calendar, so thatyou can be among the first individuals who could buy the coin with the best price. 


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