What of Dark, Glooomy, Spooky. The development of

What is Gothic?By the way, the gothic is the name of a period that ranged from 1150-1500 AD in Europe, precisely in Northern Europe. In this era, there was a massive development in the field of art, literature and architecture in which the development of these works is generally influenced by religious themes. Then, is it Gothic Metal music ??In my opinion, Gothic Metal is a crossover genre between Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, and Goth Music itself.

Gothic Metal itself was first developed in the UK & Europe in the early 1990s. In the UK, the development of Gothic Metal is marked by the “The Peaceville Trio” of Anathema (with his album “Serenades”), Paradise Lost (with his album “Lost Paradise”) and My Dying Bride (with her album “Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium”) with many bringing in Doom Metal elements.  What is it that distinguishes Gothic Metal from other metal music?there are some elements that are “typical” Gothic metal, among others:  – From the music side, gothic metal tends to have a slow tempo (slow-tempo) adopted from Doom Metal music- The amount of use of harmonic elements such as keyboard or strings that give the impression of Dark, Glooomy, Spooky. The development of Gothic metal gothic subgenre Symphonic / Gothic metal using keyboard / strings to give the impression ‘Symphonic’ or ‘Operatic’ – Lyrics, Gothic Metal tends to contain lyrics with the theme Epic, Melodramatic, Romance, Horror. sometimes found also goth metal band themed depressive or even black. – Vocels.

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Early Goth metal bands adopted a lot of vocal style from Doom metal, heavy, dark, so bass. (try to hear Peter Steele / Type O Negative). along with the development of gothic metal music itself, many of which combine growling male vocals with beautiful soprano female vocals (known as the vocal character ‘Beauty and the Beast). Vocal characters ‘Beauty and the Beast’ can be listened to the band Theater of Tragedy (Liv Kristine era). In addition, bands like Moonspell, Cradle of filth mostly use Shrieking / Growling a’la black metal vocals.



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