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What makes a good movie? It took me a little while to come up with an answer to, “What makes a good movie?” There really is no answer, actually.

I believe that a good movie is within the eyes and emotions of the audience. It depends on one’s perception. Some movies taught me important principles in my life, some created memories that will never get erased and some made me laugh so hard till I cried; that is why I love movies. However, there are several movies that I watched, but I do not remember their story at all. For a movie to affect me and stay in my memory, i should include three important factors: good actors, a good director and an attractive story.First of all, actors make the greatest effect on a movie’s popularity. Some star actors are trusted that they will never make a pointless movie.

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For example, will always make excellent effective movies. In addition, most of the audience enter movies if they know their favorite actor is starring. For instance, I know severel people who watched . They were shocked to discover that he performed in one scene only. Moreover, it is said that if a movie is produced with no star actors, its failure is almost guaranteed. Nowadays, all movies include at least one star. To sum it up, star actors highly affect the movie as they attract their fans to the movie.Besides, another factor that contributes to a good movie is its director.

Indeed, with a good director, actors or voice actors perform optimally. Also, a movie will not leave the audience satisfied, if it is not directed well. In fact, without Hayao Miyazaki, “Spirited Away” and “Howl’s Moving Castle” would not be that successful, he immersed the audience in the movies mood, and made them fully engage in it with all their emotions and senses.

His way in directing movies and his touches were spectacular. In addition, his great friend Joe Hisaishi, a brilliant composer and musical director have work together in making those amazing movie. Hisaishi has put emotional music that gave a deep feeling towards the movie. Actually, the director and his advisors effect to a movie is important, and cannot be ignored.Furthermore, a strong movie has to include an attractive and appealing story.

Good plots leave a lasting impression, and plays an important role in the movies rank in the box-office. On the other hand, movies with a weak boring plot will push it towards failure. Movies like “Inception,” and “Interstellar” had great stories. In fact, it was their stories which made them a success. Besides, the plot sometimes becomes the most important success factor. Especially, when the movie has no star actors nor a known director. Hence, it has to be exceptional to satisfy the audience. In conclusion, the plot is an important factor a good movie has to possess.

To summarize, producing a good movie is not an easy mission. It requires years of hard work, Enormous budget and a big team of professionals cooperating with each other. Making it good and successful is an even harder job. For me, great actors, a good director and an appealing story are essential for a movie to success.


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