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What is the most resilient parasite? That’s the question Leonardo DiCaprio, who played Mr. Cobb, asked in the movie “Inception.” I will be Reductionist, well not really, in this reflection paper for that movie, because I only chose scenes or moments that kept my mind busy and working. What is the most resilient parasite? According to him, an idea is resilient, highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed – fully understood – that sticks; right in there somewhere. I’ve been wanting to watch this movie but never had the chance until we were told to do so. After watching, I am still confused to what was real and what was not. It’s like they’re in a dream within a dream within a dream. This movie has everything; action, science, and this movie has left my mind and imagination working for a long time.

I was enchanted with the idea of dream control and makes me want to experience it, too. You can do whatever you want to do, you can build your own world, and you can have your reality in there. I also find those moments where they used the concept of limbo interesting. The idea of being trapped in an imaginary place or the dream itself with no means of escape and just waiting for your death terrifies me. My mind is battling whether the end is real or not. Half of me is believing it is the reality and half of me is not. Maybe it is real because, finally, Cobb has seen the faces of his child. He deserves the reality that he has always wanted. But the confused me, wants to believe that it is not real. That he’s locked up in his false reality, his dream.

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Another thing is, reality and fiction. Characters indulged themselves into a place created by their mind. In this case, I used the four kinds of causes but the questions that it answers. What is the dream made of? It is made of human’s mind and his imagination that Cobb’s wife believed in and made her reality. Constructivism, because her reality is only constructed by mind. What makes this object different from the others? Dream is different from reality because it is only constructed by the mind. Who made dream? We made dreams just to dream not to become our reality. Why is it made? It is made to learn from it, to experience impossible things.

While watching the movie, I asked myself, “how will I relate this to Philosophy?” But after watching, I realized that there is Philosophy and I found myself asking, “was it all just a dream?”, “was he just dreaming?” Some parts of the movie discuss time, obsessed with the thing constructed by the mind and rational faith. There’s this scene where Cobb confessed to his wife that he only planted the idea, causing her to lose in touch with reality and Cobb lived with the guilt in him.

Overall, I’ve learned one thing by watching this movie. Avoidance is not the solution. It will never be. Once we’ve avoided things and we tend to escape from it from time to time, we become afraid of it. And there’s this Cobb’s wife who became afraid of reality because of her “do-it-yourself” place and becomes her reality. After experiencing the pure creation of constructing a dream, reality will no longer be enough for her. Like Cobb said, once you make it down to limbo, it is hard to sense what reality is.


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