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What is Systems EngineeringSystems engineering is an interdisciplinary approach with the goal of achieving successful systems realize. Systems Engineering focuses on defining and documenting early-stage system requirements, developing a system design, and reviewing the system for compliance with the overall requirements: operation, time, test, creation, cost & planning, training & support and disposal.

 Systems Engineering integrates all disciplines and forms a structured development process from the concept through the production phase to the operating phase. Both the technical and economic aspects are considered to develop a system that meets user needs.Systems engineering techniques are used in complex development projects.It is needed, as it is more difficult to handle issues such as logistics and coordination in large, complex projects, which can lead to massive project execution problems. The other point is that Systems Engineering is practiced especially where errors are expensive. Systems Engineering originally came from space travel, today it is also used to connect aircraft, telecommunications systems and much more.

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  Systems Engineering can also be useful for small projects with little effort.Why Systems engineering important?Systems engineering is very important in the business world, because every company needs to develop new technologies, as well as implement and improve their information systems. For this reason, the role of systems engineers is of great value in the present and will continue to be so in the futureThe systems engineer receives training and preparation to be able to analyse, investigate, plan, develop and manage all types of systems. For which you must put into practice your knowledge of science (mathematics, physics, etc.

) By this we mean that system engineers are able to determine, study and solve problems related to computer science. They are also trained to develop new programs or software.Therefore, every good systems engineer is prepared to perform the following functions or tasks:- Identify, study and solve problems related to computer science.- Analyze, design and develop new information systems.- Plan, analyze, design, elaborate and evaluate IT and investment projects, as well as production systems.- Solve the problems that arise in a company through the creation of expert systems based on the use of artificial intelligence.References Book Systems Engineering – Practice and Theory Author(s) Boris Cogan


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