Sociology is the scientific study of society and human behaviour. This study was brought about by a French Philosopher, Auguste Comte, in the1800’s. He wanted there to be a set, sequential scientific way of studying and interpreting the society, and later on solve the needs of societies basic problems. Due to this study, Sociological Perspective was brought about. Sociological Perspective is an approach to understanding human behaviour by placing their behaviours into a broader social context (the people, surrounding etc. that influences how you understand things, how you speak, and how you behave).
Sociological Perspective can be affected by ones social location. Social Location is defined as the group, that people are placed in or belong to according to society or historical background. For example, Mike from the extract was a customer service agent. In his society his sociological location was in a call centre so he was classed as fit or wealthy, because a customer service agent, where he comes from, is a high class job. Mike did not use Sociological Perspective, until when he and his fellow unemployed, ex-co-workers sat down and tried to logic out what had happened, how they lost their jobs and why. They then realized that the business migrated because they saw a way of making higher profits. What happened to Mike and the others is known as ‘Globalization of the Economy’, as mentioned in the extract. Globalization of the economy is the Migration of company from one place to another, to make more net profit for the business by providing the same labour, and having it being done in the same area of the business for less. In the extract, the business migrated their customer service branch to Belize. In Belize, customer service in call centres are classed as just regular jobs that don’t require high degrees, so due to the status f the job in Belize’s society the employees have lower salaries and wages than back in Chicago.
In addition to Mike’s use of sociological perspective, it is both an Advantage and disadvantage. The disadvantage of him waiting too long to use sociological can be seen in many views. For example, If he had studied the societies economy closely and view how many business branches are being transferred and opened in different countries, he wouldn’t be as disappointed as he was when he got the letter. If Mike was aware of Globalization of the economy sooner his sociological perspective would change is mind set, he would be focused on having a plan B, so he would make sure that he was prepared for any situations or obstacles to come; But this illustration also has an disadvantage if his sociological perspective change its more likely that his efforts in the organization would change, he wouldn’t be working as hard, which perhaps could have got him fired earlier.
However, Mike did not use sociological Perspective from the start he used it at a late time, but because he decided to use it any at all makes it an advantage. Now that Mike is aware of what is occurring, he is likely to make decisions to protect himself so that he can stay stable for now and for future situations. He is now aware of the world we live in and he now knows the diversity that is happening in the world and more important to him, his community.
Conclusion and Critique
In conclusion, we learn a lot from the decisions that Mike decide on. If I was to be put in a similar situation as Mike, I would definitely handle it differently, because of the difference in the living environment. Growing up mother always use to say that we should work our ought most best in everything we do, but always be prepared for the worst. We raised in a family that thought us to “Hope for the best, but expect and be prepared for any obstacles or situation”, so definitely I would have something prepared to fall back on, the minute I lost my job.


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