What SNAP is a very well known program

What is SNAP and does it do? SNAP is a very well known program which helps out thousands to millions of Americans every year. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is what “SNAP” stands for. SNAP is the Food Stamp Program. Snap offers benefits to clients, work, and also provides economic benefits to communities. SNAP is a huge part in today’s world, it offers enormous nutrition assistance to thousands/millions people or families who have low-income. SNAP also gives many economic benefits to communities who struggle to get food.

SNAP is also the largest program. Additionally SNAP is part of food banks, community groups, churches, and lastly volunteer organizations. The process in which they collectively help fortify the communities by providing the fuel and nutrition people need. Many people who participants of SNAP which is 49% of them are children which are the ages 18 or younger. The people who have SNAP are the children living in single-parent households. Most of the benefits of SNAP go to towards the household with children. There is a 16% that the SNAP benefits go to a household with disabled and there is a 9% of the SNAP benefits goes to a household with senior citizens.

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Why is SNAP so important in our society currently? SNAP is very important in our society because how SNAP provides nutrition to many people or families in the U.S who go through hard and difficult times. SNAP also helps many families and peoples to get back on their feet and also on the road with a better life. SNAP helped out 4.6 million Americans above the poverty line and also two million children and hundred thousands of Americans.

Families who receive SNAP and the benefits are the people serving the household with children, elderly and lastly disable members. Half of the people who participants SNAP are children. SNAP is limited to many people with the gross income to 130% of the poverty line. The poverty line for a family of four is about no more than $2,633 a month to receive the benefits of SNAP. Some benefits of having SNAP is receiving monthly through EBT cards, which they are used to purchase groceries at one of the more than 238,000 authorized retailers nationwide.

The SNAP program does not have any restrictions on the type of foods that can be purchased. There are no changes to a participant’s rights, status, or services as a result of the food stamp policy. The Households who can use SNAP to buy nutritious foods such as bread and cereals, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish and dairy products. SNAP benefits cannot be used to buy any kind of alcohol or tobacco products or any nonfood items like household supplies and vitamins and medicines.Additional, there is Health Bucks which is a coupon is used at NYC farmer markets to buy fresh greens and fruits. How does the Health Bucks work? The Health Bucks works by, for every five dollars you’ve spent in Food Stamps at any food market that takes EBT card, you can get a two dollar free Health Bucks coupon. Snap’s target population is people who are living at or below the poverty level SNAP eligibility rules require that participants be at or below 130% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Health Bucks helps provide New Yorkers who receive SNAP benefits with the additional purchasing power to buy fresh vegetables/ fruits or any locally grown produce. Also, Health Bucks are available all year round at most NYC farmers markets who accepted EBT cards. The Health Bucks is a huge part of the world we live in, many familes are in poverty and don’t have money to purchased foods for their children. To summarise this up, SNAP or people tend to call it food stamp is a huge part we live in. The objective of SNAP is to provide food to people or families who are in poverty and have low income. SNAP is a federal nutrition program that helps you to buy healthy foods and lastly food budget.


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