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What is business communication?Business communication is the sharing of information within or outside an organisation. It is used for the commercial benefit of the organisation.

There are many different types of business information such as written, verbal, on-screen and many more. The organisation I will be doing is TESCO.Business communication is important in many ways. Examples of why it’s important are:• Increased productivity. Effective communication within TESCO involves listening to members of staff and responding to their needs. This results in staff being unlikely to make mistakes as they are communication with others.• Helps grow customer base. Every business relies on customers to survive in the business world, especially TESCO.

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TESCO use external communications so they can help in bringing in many more customers and keeping the ones you already have. TESCO’s marketing plan helps • Improves business partnership. How TESCO communicate with others will determine they succeed or not. If TESCO develops a reputation that they communicate well with stakeholders such as suppliers, it will definitely lure other companies to form a partnership with them


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