WHAT Scott Milton who used to practice law

The doors swing open. Paramedics and nurses push the helpless body of Mrs Milton down the corridor. Her lower body is covered in blood and she is unconscious. Along the way doctor Paige joins the group as they push the bed in to the surgery room. The nurses quickly cut the blood stained floral dress off Mrs Milton and doctor Paige begins the operation.

Smith & Milton is the biggest law firm in Volksrust. John Smith started the firm alone; later in his career he formed a partnership with Scott Milton who used to practice law in a small office downtown Rooibult. The real reason that the two lawyers decided to work together was because of money; Scott had a client who was suing LILY GOLD MINE for gross negligence which led to the client losing his arm. Scott managed to acquire other clients who wanted to sue and soon his case against the company turned to the biggest law suit in Mpumalanga. To force a settlement, Scott needed help from a lawyer with experience in law suits. John was following the case on the local newspaper and when Scott came knocking at his door for help; John was delighted to help the young lawyer. The two lawyers struck a deal and five years later they were equal partners in a firm located opposite the mayor’s office on Adelaide Tambo street. The firm was distinguished from the other buildings around it; it had glass doors at the entrance, marble floors in all three floors. There are eight offices in the firm which are occupied by the two partners, two associates, and four paralegals. Scott Milton’s office was on the third floor. It was a well-furnished office with a vintage appearance, from the oak table to the chairs the office looked like a museum. Standing near the window looking at the traffic below, Scott had a smile on his face. The door opened, and a beautiful petite blonde walked in the office wearing a red dress and carrying a brown envelope. “Another win for Mr Milton,” said the blonde with a smile. Scott turned to face her and immediately his eyes were fixed on the envelope, “is that what I think it is?” he asked. “No,” came the reply, “this is for your secretary; you know that she likes to spread lies,” she added. “Even if those lies might be true?” Scott asked with a smile. “Even if they are true, she doesn’t deserve to know the truth anyway,” Scott raised one brow and they both smiled. “I am here to celebrate our victory, are you going to make me wait Mr Milton?” her voice was inviting. Scott quickly grabbed her, lifted her to the table and slowly he kissed her.

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The room was white to her, she could hear a continuous beep-beep coming from a distant. The more she regained her conscious the louder she could hear the beep-beep; she tried to move but her lower body was in pain. She slowly turned her head and that’s when she realized where she was. The beeping sound was the hospital machines next to her bed. She tried to speak but her mouth was too dry to utter a word. Anna Milton was a shy primary school teacher; she came from a wealthy family that owned a dealership. She sold a half of the family business so that she can marry Scott and buy the house of her dreams. This is the very same reason that she had not spoken with her father for three years; she also didn’t attend her mother’s funeral. Anna was devoted to Scott and there was nothing she wouldn’t do for him. She quit being a teacher after she lost her two-year-old baby boy due to a drowning incident. She has kept to herself and has shut out most of her friends, the few that she had. The only person that she confides to is her older sister Emily, who she has not spoken to in weeks. Doctor Paige with a beaming smile walks in the ward, “you look stronger today” said the doctor looking at the chart on the table. “How long have I been here” Anna asked with hoarse voice. “It’s been ten hours since you came in” Doctor Paige sits next to her bed. She studies her for a moment and as she is about to say something Anna talks first. “Did you tell my husband?” she asked. The fear in her voice shocked Doctor Paige, she cleared her throat before she responded, “About that Anna, the nurse told me that you didn’t want your husband to know about this. You told the nurse before you were unconscious”. “Yes, I did, you see my husband is a busy man and he has too many cases, I just didn’t want to worry him” she lied. There was silence in the room, Doctor Paige had heard this excuse before and she has always chosen not to pressure for the truth, because she knew it would lead to more lies. “Anna you had an unsafe abortion; you almost died.” The doctor paused a bit to see the patient’s reaction. Paige was shocked when she saw a blank face from Anna who was staring at the ceiling. “When will I leave” she asked without looking at the doctor. “Tomorrow, if everything stays as it is.” Doctor Paige got on her feet ready to leave. “Is there anything I can do for you before my shift ends?” “Please call my sister. Her number is on my medical forms and…thank you for everything” this time Anna was sincere. “I was just doing my job Mrs Milton,” Paige replied with a smile. Doctor Paige quietly left the ward leaving Anna to her thoughts.

Juba Park is a suburban area with big houses and a golf course on the outskirt. The area consists of black and white people who live in harmony in this neighbourhood. The drive from the hospital to the Milton resident has been a quiet one. Emily Parker is an accountant at Standard Bank. She parks her white Mercedes Benz in front of the garage. Anna’s house is a double storey face brick that is opposite the park. Wearing black track suits Anna is the first to enter the house followed by Emily with a small utility bag. Scott walking down the stairs meets them at the lounge. “What the point of having a wife if I still have to cook for myself?” Scott’s eyes were piercing through Anna. “Hey! Can’t you be a little bit considerate she just came from the ho…” before Emily could finish Anna interrupted, “I am sorry my love we went to Ermelo and we couldn’t drive back, we stayed the night there” Emily was astonished by what she just heard. “Two days; you were gone leaving me alone, do you want to leave me Anna? DO YOU?” his voice made Anna tremble. Anna slowly walked closer to Scott “I am sorry it will never happen again, I promise” as she was about to kiss him, Scott moved away; he grabbed his jacket and brief case and left the two sisters alone. “Anna what’s going on? Why did you…? I know he can be a pig, but he is still your husband.” Emily’s eyes were filled with suspicion. “You wouldn’t understand,” Anna replied while unpacking her utility bag. “If you can lie to the person you claim to love clearly you can also lie to me. I was starting to trust you again, but I guess I am wrong about you. I don’t know why I am surprised, after all, you did sell the family business.” Anna could feel the cold in Emily’s voice. “I thought we were over that.” Anna eyes were filled with tears. “How can we be over that while you are still lying to me?” asked Emily. “I went to a shady clinic to get an abortion. I didn’t tell Scott because he told me that he no longer wanted a child.” Anna’s face was covered with tears. Emily quickly rushed to comfort her sister; she held her tight and whispered, “everything is going to be alright”.

It was Thursday when Scott checked in at Stucky’s guesthouse that is six kilometres outside the town. Once a week Scott would make the drive to spend the day with Christina the “blonde” who also happened to be a paralegal at the firm. John Smith vehemently forbid such relationships among colleagues. They lay on the bed, in each other’s arms, both covered with sweat. “How long will this sneaking around last?” Christina asked. “If you still do all those things to me I would say couple of years” replied Scott and they both smiled, shared a long kiss and hold each other tightly.

It was a windy Thursday and people were wearing their jackets and coats. Plaaskombius coffee shop was almost deserted, beside the staff there was an old couple enjoying tea at the corner of the shop. Anna ordered rooibos tea and a carrot cake; she sat at the table in the middle of the shop while waiting for her order. She looked at the old couple as they talked, joked, laughed, and kissed each other; deep down she wished that her dear Scott would be as loving as the old man in front of her. The doorbell rang and an old man in his sixties walked in the shop; he stood in front of Anna and in that moment, Anna wished she could disappear. There was a storm inside her, and it was filled with shame, embarrassment, she was scared. “May I sit?” the old man asked. “Ye-ye- yes” Anna couldn’t help but stutter. Old Paul Parker sat down, he placed his order and after the waitress left their table he turned his attention back to his daughter. Anna avoided making eye contact with her father; they both sat there quiet, studying each other. The waitress came back with their orders and Paul smiled at his daughter, “Carrot cake; just like you mother, you haven’t changed”. “You also haven’t stopped drinking coffee; mom used to say it will kill you” Anna managed to smile. “Your sister told me everything.” Paul said this while sipping his coffee. Anna was caught so off guard that she spilled her tea. “Dad I am sorry for everything, I know I am the cause of your heart attack and I will never forgive myself for that, I am…” she couldn’t finish, she was all in tears. Paul was hurt to see his daughter so vulnerable “What’s in the past let’s leave it there. I bought another farm. It has horse stalls. Do you want to see it?” Paul asked with his husky voice. Anna couldn’t believe everything that was happening. She couldn’t even reply her father; she just nodded. The two of them walked out of the coffee shop.

It was eleven mid-night when Scott walked in his bedroom drunk. After his little get away with Christina he stopped at Terry’s bar and had some drinks. Anna was asleep when Scott was stumbling in the darkness. He turned on the lights and started singing which woke her up. Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she watched her husband as he was undressing. “Scotty, you won’t believe what happened today. I was with my father. He bought his fourth farm and it’s bigger than the other three. I really enjoyed my day” her voice was filled with excitement. “You ungrateful little shit! There is nothing I don’t do for you, everything you are; it is all because of me. All I ask from you is to follow the rules. You brought your sister here to meddle in our affairs. You are useless!”. Anna was furious “I left my family for you, sold my fathers business so that you can start your own firm. Ever since our baby died you have ill treated me”. “YOU ARE THE REASON THAT I DON’T HAVE A SON! YOU LET MY SON DROWN WHILE YOU WERE HIGH ON PAIN KILLER! YOU’RE A MURDERER!” “Scott, I gave up my career for you, I did an abortion because you said you no longer wanted children, I almost died” her voice was a whisper because she was crying. Anna got up and walked to the door. “Where do you think you’re going?! I am not done with you yet!” Scott manhandled Anna and pushed her to the floor. “You’re not leaving me Anna, not ALIVE! Good thing you had an abortion, you would have killed that baby too” Scott started slapping Anna like he had done in the past. What started as slaps turned to punches; this time was different though. Anna fought back she wrestled free from Scott’s grip and this shocked Scott. “So now you think you can fight, you think you can…” as Scott was about to hit Anna she quickly got out of the way and ran to the other room. Scott followed her, he tried to force his way in to the room, but the door was locked. He kept on banging the door “ANNA YOU BETTER OPEN THIS DOOR OR I SWEAR I WILL KILL YOU” Anna lay on the bed holding her midsection. Some of the stitches unravelled and she was bleeding. After an hour of banging the door the Milton residence went quiet.

Scott arrived at the firm late. He had a splitting headache which he quickly decided that it was a hangover, nothing some pills wouldn’t fix. He asked his secretary to get him some pills.

Anna woke up with the blankets covered in blood. She thought about what had happened yesterday and she decided that her dear Scott didn’t mean all the things he said. He was drunk she kept telling herself, everything will be fine. Scott will come back, they will make love and forget about this event.

Christina was leaving for a business trip but before that she went to Scott’s office. “Hey, I thought I should come and say goodbye and who knows maybe I might get some…” she bit her lips and her voice was daring.

The house keeper was given a day off. Anna was doing laundry when she found a Stucky guesthouse slip. She looked for Scott’s shirts, she found three of them with lipstick on them. She hurriedly went to their bedroom and began searching through Scott’s clothes, in one jacket she found a pack of condoms. A storm was brewing inside her, she kept searching through her husband clothes.

Scott’s office was messy, papers were on the floor Scott and Christina were both undressed. At the reception area Anna entered wearing a beautiful Lulus floral print dress. “Morning, is Mr Milton in?” she asked the receptionist. “Yes, he is in his office do you want me to call him Mrs Milton?” asked the receptionist. “No, I will go to his office and please, call me Miss Parker” she said this with a smile leaving the receptionist confused.

The splitting headache kept Scott groaning in pain. The door opened, Scott and Christina quickly turned to the door. They saw Anna standing there looking at them with a smile. It was as if a heavy burden was lifted off Anna’s shoulder, after this she would go to her father’s farm and enjoy the country side. “Baby I am sorry, I swear to you she doesn’t mean anything to me, I love you baby, I love you Anna we can work things out” Scott was on his knees pleading. Anna walked closer to the two naked bodies she looked at Christina then she turned to Scott. “I love you too; at least I used to love you Scott” Anna reached inside her handbag she took out a Beretta PX4. Scott’s eyes were wide open; he couldn’t believe what was happening, he looked at Anna eyes and he saw someone he didn’t recognize. When Scott felt the cold steel against his head he knew he would never have a headache again.


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