What Or the network could crash down

What are new ways people can use technology to change the world? This questions has varies answers to it. It can change the way our education, medical, government, or even the things we do in our everyday. Technology is taking the world by storm, it makes everything we do much easier, faster, and in most cases better. We may not notice it in our generation but the world around us changing everyday.
Nowadays , we use it in school, for example this essay is being typed out and being submitted through a computer, so teachers can get through it faster. Instead of taking written state test we now take them on computers. Which isn’t all bad, but some of us might not have the right equipment to do our school work. Or the network could crash down so there are also a lot of cons to using technology is our education. But this is also why we work on it, to make it better and faster than the last piece of technology we used. Schools now give laptops or tablets to the student because we believe it is better that way rather than going through a stack of paper and killing trees. Instead of carrying around heavy book making our backs ache we can just carry one simple our laptop/tablet. Teachers communicate with students by also using technology. Education isn’t what it was back then. Since we are taught to use technology is school it gives us an idea of what we can use it for outside of school.
Some people might not have grew us with the technology that is being used today but we do adapt to change quite quickly. We can easily pick up on things, even though some of us don’t realize it but we use technology about everyday for everything. Some work is required for people to know how to work certain things. For instance a doctor that works an ultrasound machine needs training for that. In the medical field there are certain things you need training for cause that doctor will be working with machines.Although we don’t just use it fro medical, there are other jobs that use technology too. We use it to communicate with others like a police officer on a foot chase, they have to give a description of the guy/girl they are chasing to the other officers, and they do that by radio. Which may seem like old technology but its still technology.


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