Week finished product requires proper testing(Szalvay, 2004) Advantages

Week 5: Individual Assignment – Automated TestingGenerally, software development firms conduct software automated testing of their products that does not always turn out to be without defects(Collins and de Lucena, 2012).

Software quality assurance professional often put in their best to see that they capture the defects prior to the release of the finished product(Galin, 2004). Nowadays, software organizations are adopting a swift procedure and practices in development that leads to quality of products. An automated software testing can be defined as a kind of testing that involves the use computer software, script, program, and macros to execute the tests(Pugh and Ayewah, 2007). The process is conducted by comparing the actual outcomes to expected outcomes without human intervention(Alomari et al., 2015).

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It is set to control the test and reporting functions. In other words, automation test is the use of a program, micros or a third-party solution to perform certain testing function even if it is for test preparation(Halfond, Anand and Orso, 2009).Software testing that involves a small project with few and features adopts the manual software testing. However, complex and bigger software projects that involves validation of the finished product requires proper testing(Szalvay, 2004)Advantages of Automated Testing or its manual counterpart.• Repetitive activities are reduced and will produce a consistent product with improved efficiency.

• It involves the use of tools that checks any kind of defect in the program that may hinder performance. However, Manual testing are suitable for small projects though they may be used for bigger projects(Eckel and Eckel, 2003).• The testing is platform independent where different operating system can be allotted time for execution. In the other hand, manual testing consumes more time and may not identify the defects or bugs.• Test result are obtained within the shortest time when compared with the manual testing method that execution time is longer.• Does not require huge investment on human resource• Disadvantages of Automated Testing• Test may be configured to execute the process several times • In spite of its accuracy in processes, not all the time that automated testing method detects defects during the testing processSome benefits of automated testing:• The adoption of the three Rs known as reusability, repeatability, and reliability(Catelani et al., 2011).• Execution can be done unattended or remotely that is normally scheduled overnight to allow it to run overnight.

• Coverage simply means the tester is able to cover all requirements of the project as specified in the contract document.• In most cases, full automation of testing is not advisable rather the combination testing processes• By automating a software testing, you have set a standard by introducing reusability;There are many different types of automated testing tools that a capable of performing test in conformity with requirements. Hence, performance, security and other test of functionalities can be performed.• Testing are carried out as project testing and embedded testing that concerns software development project to make sure a qualitative software produced.• Also, product testing is another type of testing that are performed on commercial software products in response to the customer’s request.ReferencesAlomari, Z. et al.

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