Week systolic blood pressure of 20mm Hg or

Week Two: Pre Lab Assignment: Blood Pressure


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All pre- assignments questions must be answered in full and submitted before lab begins.

Pre- weekly assignment due at the beginning of class. Worth 2%



1. Blood Pressure measures?


Blood pressure measures the pressure of blood in the circulatory system and is measured using two numbers. The first number is called systolic blood pressure and it measures the pressure in your blood vessels when your heart beats. The second number, called diastolic blood pressure, measures the pressure in your blood vessels when your heart rests between beats. Blood pressure is often taken for diagnosis since it relates to the force and rate of the heartbeat, diameter and elasticity of the arterial walls.


2. Ten factors affecting BP include?


1.     Smoking

2.     Weight/Obesity

3.     Lack of physical activity

4.     Diet (specifically too much salt)

5.     Stress

6.     Old age

7.     Genetics (family history of high blood pressure)

8.     Sleep apnea

9.     Alcohol consumption

10.  Medications


3. The Systolic pressure measures the…?


Systolic pressure measures the pressure in your vessels when your heart beats.


4. The Diastolic pressure measures the…?


Diastolic pressure measures the pressure in your blood vessels when your heart rests between beats.



5. The normal range for adults is?


The normal range of blood pressure for a healthy adult is 120 over 80 to 140 over 90.


6. Hyper tension would indicate a reading of 140 to 160+ over 90 to 100+ Hypo tension would indicate a reading of less than 90 over less than 60



7. Name the two pressure readings that you record when measuring blood pressure.

A.   Systolic Pressure

B.    Diastolic Pressure



8. Orthostatic hypotension is..?


Can be defined as a decrease in systolic blood pressure of 20mm Hg or a decrease in diastolic blood pressure of 10mm Hg within three minutes of standing when compared with the blood pressure from sitting position. Another name for this term is Postural Hypotension. The simple definition is that when you stand up, your blood pressure can suddenly drop.


9. Prior to using the stethoscope you would?


1.     Test the stethoscope to make sure it is free of leaks by tapping on the diaphragm.

2.     Adjust the earpieces to make sure correct fit. Make sure the earpieces are facing forward or you may not be able to hear anything.

3.     Choose the appropriate chest piece for the patient. Chest pieces differ for adults and children.


10. The brachial pulse is located?


The brachial pulse can be found on the front side of the elbow. It can be found with the right palm turned up, the arm straightened with a slight bend at the elbow and two fingers placed on the inner third crease of the elbow.



11. Guidelines/tips for measuring BP include? See task sheet




12. Deep Breathing & Coughing (DB&C) means?   Check internet            


Deep breathing and coughing is an exercise that is performed after surgery to reduce the risk of lung complications. After surgery it is common to see patients taking short breaths due to pain or limited mobility. Breathing deeply and coughing will help move air into all areas of the lungs, and it opens up passages and moves out mucus. Performing this exercise will also boost circulation and help the blood and oxygen supply to your lungs.


13. What are the tips to assist with this procedure?


·        In a comfortable position, place your hands on your stomach, take a deep breath through your nose and continue breathing in until your lungs fill with air and you notice your stomach pressing against your hand.


·        Through pursed lips, slowly exhale the air in one, long slow breath.


·        Take another deep breath, however this time hold it for 3 seconds. Exhale this breath in 3 short pants. On the third pant, cough deeply from the lungs.


·        This exercise should be done until patient is able to walk.



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